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Who Am I




My name is Merrilee and I joined forces with the team in October of last year.


I migrated to Perth,Western Australia from the Philippines in 2010 and had undergone a Marketing degree in University. Once I graduated, I went straight to full time work and worked as a Marketing and Events officer for a Real Estate company which at the time I thought was great as it all aligned with what I was studying in university.


However, the long hours took its toll on me. I was stressed majority of the time, allowed work to take control of my health and simply had no time to spend doing the things that I loved with the people I loved. So… for 2 years in my full time job, I had constantly traded my excessive time for money in a job that didn’t challenge nor fulfill me and I was just flat out exhausted!

On the 5th of August 2014, which was a Tuesday morning, the unexpected happen.


As I got to work (assuming it was a normal Tuesday morning at the office), we were all called into an emergency meeting.. Little did I know that we were all told to empty out our desks and leave. That day, 50% of the people in our company were let go, including myself.  At this moment in my life, I was lost and back to square one. This made me realize that working for a boss wasn’t so safe after all. I was just so sick of constantly living from pay check to pay check and excessively trading my time knowing that I simply was not passionate about what I was doing nor did it challenge me to grow as a person.. I couldn’t ever see myself going back to working for a boss after this experience.


It was during this time where I had two choices to make. It was either I go back to the work force and find a related job (which many people normally would do), but knowing to myself that I was just going to go back to square one OR I take the unconventional approach and start working for myself. I started to look into the Six Figure Mentors, which at the time Gerard and Chris we’re doing and did my own research to fully understand what this was all about.


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It wasn’t until I fully understood what a Lifestyle business was and how one can run their own lifestyle business online where it all made sense to me. This idea of leveraging off other people’s products and creating automated systems that can allow a business to work for you as opposed to trading your time for money was absolutely brilliant.


So..I decided to embark on this online marketing journey with the team and to this date, we have been successfully running our own lifestyle business, being our own boss and pursuing our passion for travel.





Now, the team of four have decided to take on a more creative approach by creating this Lifestyle driven brand where we share our passion, knowledge and valuable training in all aspects of entrepreneurship and business which has fundamentally allowed us to live a life of flexibility and freedom.


I am extremely passionate about inspiring others to dream big by showing them what it really takes to step out of  their comfort zone and become a successful human being and entrepreneur. My aim and vision behind this company is to wake up millions of people to realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves and to further show them how to harness and exploit this potential in the new digital economy the exact same way Gerard, Chris, Sandrine and myself have.

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