Who Am I


My name is Sandrine Hecq and I use to be a childhood educator (teacher) as well as a student studying in the field .I have now created a life to explore and travel the world with passive income.


I grew up in South Africa for 19 years and had plenty of jobs such as; being a sales executive for Hyundai and Nissan , restored classic cars with my father and helped run 5 successful family businesses and this still wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted.


I flew down to Perth Australia with only $200 in my pocket and had to get to work immediately. I landed myself  5 small part time jobs and once I started studying I kept only one part time job alive.


I had no freedom and couldn’t travel as my life was jam packed!


I had no time to spend with my family nor friends and my health went downhill as I got very ill from  stress and had no time to eat or exercise correctly.I then met Christopher Hall my partner and after 2 years I decided to quit my job and start a new life through SFM.


I was a bit skeptical at first as I am a person who gets board easily and is usually always on my feet, but this system was more powerful than I expected! I actually wake up every morning and get excited to start my day, never have I been able to feel this type of excitement nor have I experienced it before, its definitely the best out there.


I went through all the provided training and got blown away by the power of the Internet. Even though I’m the furthest person from knowing how this new technology age works, I’ve actually been able to concur all my impossible thoughts and turn them into a possible reality.


I’ve always worked in an environment where parents drop off there children and rush to a stressful job and hardly spend time with there loved ones, this came to my attention and I told myself I won’t live this so called comfortable lifestyle and here I am living my dream and inspiring others to do the same .




To provide hope and peace to make the impossible possible. So many of us get trapped in a dark place and struggle to find the light… I needed to take that big step and SFM has provided me the path to a successful future.

I now can truthfully say that I am an entrepreneur and a full time traveler. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this mind-blowing educational system 🙂

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