Why you should avoid investing in things & relationships that don’t appreciate


Success in both love and money now seems to be a universal desire. Many wish to achieve it. Many desire to take hold of it. Many dream to grab it firmly.


Unfortunately, many are also stuck with the struggle of identifying the principles necessary to generating success. Because of this, numerous individuals fail to achieve the success that they so long for. They spend years chasing ideas that have turned into frighteningly stagnant realities. They spend hours in frustration delving on what important principle they have missed. They waste away what precious and limited time they have coming up with theories and concoctions that may never even work.


What these many people fail to understand is that there lies one important key that is ever so often forgotten, a key so basic and fundamental that many overlook its importance and worth.


This key is none other than APPRECIATION.


To be thankful, to be grateful, to value dearly, to regard highly, these all pertain to appreciation. In reality, the world’s wealthy understand that when it comes to finances, it is entirely important to invest in assets that appreciate in value. The wealthy know this so much so that you would very rarely encounter one who amasses a lot of goods that do not add value to their financial lives.


Indeed, the wealthy purchase items that allow them to create avenues to grow their money. They live very simple and money savvy lives and pride themselves not on the latest shoes that they have purchased nor on maintaining a garage full of fast cars, but on their ability to generate far more than what they have lost.


In much the same way as in finances, appreciation is highly necessary in any relationship deemed important. One cannot simply go on living without giving true value and providing high regards to the people who have given meaning to their lives. That is not to say that you need to interact with every single person in the world; this only entails that you have to give proper attention to the individuals who have gained access to the prime real estate of your personal time and mind.


Simply put, do not waste your precious seconds on people who cannot give you the same amount of appreciation that you can give them.


As the days continue to pass, the hours, minutes and seconds that you are allowed to spend in this world begin to diminish. As the days continue to pass, the relationships that grow around you continue to change, sometimes for the better, at other times for the worse. Your life is limited. However, as limited as it may be, the joy that you gain from it is not. For this reason, you have to place value in things that matter.


Among the relationships that you have, which do you value most? The quicker you can identify the healthy relationships, the more positive your life experiences will be.


As such, from this day forward, let the intimate spaces of your life be occupied only by those whom you appreciate and can appreciate you back. Those who appreciate who you are without regards to your title, status or money, those who appreciate your dreams no matter how unfathomable they may be, those who appreciate your life despite all the bumpy rides and stormy circumstances, they are the only individuals who deserve your appreciation in return.


Appreciation is a very valuable key to succeeding in both wealth and relationships. Take time today to evaluate where you stand and get a core understanding of where you are investing both your time and money. Things that appreciate will make your life much happier over the long-term than things that don’t.


Hope you enjoyed our insights.

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