The Power Of Showing Up

The Power Of Showing Up

I came across a quote online the other day that truly hit home to me and one that I thought was worth sharing with you.


The quote was..


Sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but TAKE THE STEP.

When I think back about this quote, I think back on that one time I was on a weekly mastermind with a few of our members..


We talked about our goals and how sometimes it can be overwhelming meeting those goals that we underestimate what we’re capable of achieving.


I recall a member of ours who came out and shared his thoughts on this topic..


He talked about what he feels is the most important factor when achieving anything in life..


..and that is making a commitment to yourself to SHOW UP every day.

He continues on to saying that all the road blocks he personally encountered  along the way had figured itself out once he showed up every day without fail with the intention of doing his best.


When I think about it, this holds so much truth..


Firstly, I truly believe that big things can happen if you just start showing up.


We as a society think that in order to make a difference, we have to make all of these huge sacrifices and big changes in order to do so.


Although it is important to take calculated risks when going after what you want, it’s not all entirely the case.


To make big changes in your life, you need to start by SHOWING UP every single day, even when it’s hard.


Because once you do that with the intention of doing your best, change will inevitably happen.


When I began my entrepreneurial journey, yes I was overwhelmed and I was nervous..


Having no experience in online marketing what so ever, I underestimated what I was capable of doing.


But I knew that this was the direction I wanted to take and I would do anything in my ability to make it happen for myself.


So I started showing up everyday..


I was open minded, willing to learn, ready to take on challenges and learn new skill sets.


I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I was committed to showing up with the intention of doing my best because that was the only way I saw myself progressing.


I also focused on my journey and my journey alone.


I didn’t compare my progress with others, if people were ahead of me in terms of learning things that I didn’t know much about, I wouldn’t beat myself down for it.


I knew that everyone has a different journey, we’re all going to go through road blocks, we’re all going to make mistakes along the way, some may overcome it quicker than others, but at the end of the day, it’s our individual journey and if we just make that commitment to ourselves to always show up, you will ultimately figure things out.


Throughout this process, I realised that having that way of thinking could really change all aspects of my life, from my personal life to my professional life, from my relationships to my health and wellbeing. ​​​​​​​


So I started applying this mentality to most aspects of my life.


I’d show up to the gym most days of the week, even if I didn’t always feel like it.


I’d show up more in my relationships by reaching out to my parents more who live overseas and spending more quality time with my partner doing date nights each week.


I’d show up more in my work, by making a commitment to learn something new every day that would help me progress further towards my goals.


I made that commitment to show up every day in these aspects of my life, as I know that over time, I’d ultimately be making a positive difference in my life.

My message here today is that when you truly understand the power of just showing up and the power of never giving up, you will learn the true meaning of success.


Change and growth require you to start somewhere and grow from there.


It’s one thing to make a huge leap and another to accept that each leap is a stepping stone that will take you closer and closer to your end goal.


Hope you found my message valuable today and that it encourages you to show up everyday, do your best and never give up 🙂


Have a wonderful week and I’ll speak to you soon,

Merrilee ​​​​​​​



The Most Valuable Asset You Will Ever Own

The Most Valuable Asset You Will Ever Own

What is the most valuable asset in your life?


You see, most people would answer this thinking their most valuable asset would either be their house, their car or their job.

To me personally, I don’t believe that this is the case. To me, I believe the most valuable asset you can ever have in your life is yourself.


Let me go into this further..


Four years ago, I thought my most valuable asset was my career. I thought to myself that if I put my job first and focused on working hard to climb my way up the corporate ladder, I would no doubt achieve financial and long term success.


I spent all my time investing solely into building up my career. Although it is important to focus on your career, I however allowed it to take full control over my life.  I spent days on end working overtime, sacrificing my health and my time to work hard so that one day, I could finally say to myself ‘ I MADE IT!’.


But during this time, I was starting to lose a sense of who I was and what my purpose was in life. I was blinded by my everyday demands being in a job for the sake of financial security and had allowed work to take control over all aspects of my life.


I had allowed it to take control over ME.


When I got made redundant after 2 years of working in that job, I found myself back to square one with no job and no income coming through. All this time I realized that I was not investing in anything other than the same old paycheck every month, doing things that didn’t maximize my own value but rather doing things that I was simply just told to do.


I realized then and there that my job was not my most valuable asset, if anything it wasn’t an asset at all. It was a job that could hopefully build into something that could generate me a decent income as long as I stayed in that job. My job was just a job, one that would stop serving me when I decide to quit doing it.


And it did, it had stopped serving me.


I came to realize that instead of investing all my time towards working in a job, one that didn’t contribute towards maximizing my own personal value, I needed to start investing in myself.



I needed to understand that I was my most important and valuable asset and that in order to increase my own personal value to society, I needed to focus on myself first.



After this revelation.. I started to take the time to work on myself by learning new skill sets, surrounding myself with leaders and entrepreneurs that inspired me, focusing on my personal growth and taking on great opportunities that could ultimately serve me in the long run.



I had learnt how to build inherent value in myself, value that can serve me far better than a job could ever do so and one that could open new doors and opportunities for me to grow.



By investing in myself, I was able to replace my corporate job with a business that I love.  It’s a business that challenges me, inspires me and enables me to grow, it’s a business that serves me both financially and emotionally but most importantly, it’s a business that gives me the opportunity to serve others.


The reason why I am sharing you this story today is because whether you know it or not, you are your own greatest asset. 



Don’t let your career or your job define who you are.



By investing in yourself, you are not only adding value to your career, but you are unquestionably adding value to yourself, which is the best investment you could ever make for yourself!



It will start to expand your potential horizons and offer you countless of opportunities for you to grow and become successful. More importantly, it will allow you to live a life based on your own values, needs and wants.



I know this because if I had solely remained invested in my job, I would still be working late nights at my cubicle hoping to one-day advance in my career.



If I didn’t take that chance to invest in myself, I would never be where I am today, building a business that I not only love but one that has ultimately allowed me to pursue the things that matter to me most, which in this case is my love for travel 🙂



I cannot reiterate how important it is to invest in yourself first, not in whatever might give you another inch in whatever happens to be your current career path. If you truly want to be successful in life, you need to become more than just someone filling in a slot in a company and only doing what you are told to do.


Once you start to understand that you are your greatest asset, go out there and take full control of your own life! Investing in yourself is the key to living a life of meaning and purpose and to me, it is the best investment that you could ever make for yourself.


To your success and happiness,

Merrilee Watson – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design







How To Achieve Success in Today’s Digital Age

How To Achieve Success in Today’s Digital Age

Most people, including myself at one point, believed that achieving a high level of success was only meant for people with ‘special or extraordinary talents’.


I used to always believe that high level entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would only be capable of achieving extraordinary results.


Yet, as I made my way passed my young adulthood years, I started to question all of this due to the rapid growth of the digital economy.


It’s safe to say that we all live in an information age where opportunities are widely available for people to break away from the traditional 9 to 5 job to pursue working for themselves.


You see, the rise of entrepreneurship has grown tremendously over the past few years and I couldn’t help but notice the major impact they are making on many industries to this day.


With entrepreneurship becoming more common in today’s society, I started to gather my thoughts on what those defining factors were that enables today’s entrepreneurs to achieve such a high level of success, of which people back in the pre digital age would find quite difficult if not impossible to achieve.


Having left my job 2 years ago to pursue a lifestyle business with three other entrepreneurs, I for one truly believe that anyone has the capability to work for themselves and achieve a similar level of success as we are prime examples of achieving it ourselves.



So today I thought I’d share with you reasons why success in today’s digital age is more possible to achieve and why overcoming the barriers to starting a business have never been easier.


1. Cost Effective Marketing


As we all know, Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. With the use of technology and the world wide web in today’s digital age, getting exposure and marketing for your business is much cheaper and easier to attain.


Let’s take a step backwards for a minute..


Before the world wide web ever existed, many entrepreneurs and companies would rely solely on expensive platforms such as Television, Radio and Newspapers to get their advertising messages across. As you would know, these platforms required top dollars so only high profiled corporations and individuals would utilise these platforms for their marketing efforts leaving small business owners struggling to get their foot into the door.


Luckily, in today’s information age, the world wide web is rapidly changing the game of how marketing is done.


Many entrepreneurs are now leveraging the internet to get their messages across to the right market.


Online social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are quickly becoming the primary choices for marketing for many businesses and entrepreneurs.



The Lifestyle Team in Palawan, Philippines

Not only do I believe these platforms are extremely powerful in terms of engaging with your customers and getting the right messages across to a more targeted audience, but they are high performing and extremely cost effective which has widely contributed to the success of many individuals and businesses to this date, including ourselves.


Personally in our online business, we would have never been able to achieve a 6 figure income in just over a year if we didn’t master the art of marketing online through Youtube and Facebook.


These platforms personally worked like gang busters for us. This is why I believe anyone can achieve success in their business as long as they have the patience and determination to learn how to maximize these platforms for their marketing efforts.


2. Unlimited access to knowledge


stock-3-1Gone are those days where access to information was limited. Due to this beautiful thing we call the Internet, information on literally anything can be accessed within seconds!


This has provided so many more opportunities for people to venture out and learn new skill sets. People can now access critical information on video clips, webinars, podcasts and interview recordings.


13384880_10154100172180295_357318873_nPersonally, I have learnt so much and attained many new skill sets such as website building,implementing new marketing strategies and editing quality videos simply by looking for this information online. As a result, it has given me the opportunity to take our business to the next level which has given us the chance to really stay on track on the road to success without making mistakes that could have been easily avoided.


3. Never stop adapting to new technology!


Those businesses who aren’t keeping up with technology and industry trends are bound to fall behind.


You need to understand that in order to set yourself up for success, you need to set up systems and run your business as efficiently as possible, and this can all be done by utilising and keeping up with today’s technology.



The Lifestyle Team w/ our business mentor Jay Kubassek

A big reason why we have experienced tremendous results in our online business is because our business runs on autopilot. We have set up systems online such as sales funnels, lead generation tactics and autoresponders which in return has allowed us to run our business as efficiently and smoothly as possible without having to physically be in the office 24/7 of the day.


In addition, having this time freedom allows us to focus our efforts on finding more ways to take our business to the next level and maximizing our results which ultimately enables us to achieve our goals faster.


One’s success really depends on how you make use of today’s technology in your business so that the business works for you and not vice versa.



It’s suffice to say that we are surrounded by so many opportunities to do something bigger and be someone greater than we ever anticipated we could ever be.


Overcoming barriers when starting a business has never been easier as we now have all the resources and tools today to make something happen for ourselves.

I know this because having left my job to embark on my entrepreneurial journey two years ago, I have truly learnt the importance of having to adapt to change and keeping up with the digital economy in order to achieve long term success.


We all have big aspirations and dreams in life and in today’s economy, anything is now possible. If there was one thing you could take away from this article, it is to start taking action.


Take action towards whatever it is you want to achieve and use the resources we have today to help lead you to success.


Until next time,

Merrilee – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design






The Limiting Belief of ‘Comfort Zones’

The Limiting Belief of ‘Comfort Zones’

Hey , it’s Merrilee here 🙂


Earlier this morning, I was listening to a podcast talking about ‘comfort zones’.


I chuckled a little bit because I was reflecting on how I used to live my life based on what was comfortable to me and how I allowed it to control my life..


Listening to this got me thinking how ridiculous this concept of our comfort zone is.


The reason why I say that is because it is a concept that really shouldn’t matter to us.


Yet we, as people are naturally interested on this idea of being comfortable and being in constant ease that anything outside of our comfort zone is classified as scary and one we shouldn’t consider pursuing at all..


I am guilty of this as I used to always have my comfort zone dictate most of my decisions in life..


But the truth is, and one that I had come to realise over the past two years is that..


..if you have a mission or dream in life, something that is truly important to you, whether it’s a passion you’ve always wanted to pursue, a love in your life, a cause you strongly believe in, your comfort zone should NOT matter nor even be considered at all…


When you find something that is truly important to you, you stop allowing your comfort zone to take over and start asking yourself, what do I need to do to fulfil that dream or mission, regardless of what is comfortable to me?


The funny thing is..people tend to say that we should focus on our strengths in life, find out what we are naturally good at and use that to our advantage by pursuing it as our life’s mission.


I don’t think that’s the case.


How else is anyone going to build on new skill sets and for growth to take place if they are only focusing on what they are naturally good at?


We, The Lifestyle Team, did not achieve the level of success we have to this date in our online business because we were naturally good in online marketing, nor was it because we had charisma or the experience being great in videos and producing content.


We truthfully had none of these skill sets when we first started, we were beginners just like everyone else trying to get our foot in the door.


The funny thing was, I used to be extremely shy and introverted and had no idea how to talk in front of camera, let alone on stage to a group of people!


Public speaking was actually one of my biggest fears in life.


But what had led us, as a team, to ultimately succeed in this business was our bigger vision for ourselves.

We envisioned ourselves being our own bosses at the age of 20+, having the freedom to pursue things such as travel, adventure, living life on the edge and helping people with a similar vision do the same.


It wasn’t our natural strengths that dictated our decision to pursue this vision..


It was the vision itself and using that to fuel our energy and drive to challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone at all times.


My point here is that, you should never let your so called ’strengths’ or weaknesses limit your belief in what you’re capable of doing.


Never let it dictate your decisions and pull you away from achieving your bigger visions in life.


If you have a message you want to share to the world but you’re not the greatest communicator, go out there and find your voice.. shoot videos, attend events, write blogs and surround yourself with people that inspire and challenge you.


It’s what personally helped me become fully self expressed from once being shy and fearful to speak up.


Ultimately, the whole aim in life is to figure out what you truly want to do, how do you want to contribute to this world and how you grow into that regardless of what you’re naturally good at and what’s comfortable or easy to you.


Once you realise that, you’ll realise that your comfort zone was nothing but a story we tell ourselves, a limitation on how we show up in life and an excuse for not listening to what our soul’s purpose was trying to express.


It is then when this realisation hits, that you start living your life by expressing the truest version of yourself 🙂


I’ll speak to you soon,


The Ultimate Luxury In Life

The Ultimate Luxury In Life

What do you think is the ultimate luxury in life?


If you asked’s TIME.


Time is such a rare luxury.. It’s so important yet it is such a limited resource that no one can buy a second more.


Yes..TIME is free, but it is priceless.


It can’t be owned nor kept, but it can be used and spent in any way you want. When you lose time however, that is one thing you will never be able to get back.


So today I want to share with you a video I did from my new apartment here in Perth, Western Australia where I share my insight on time and what it truly means to me..


How do you spend your time ?


Do you spend it with the aim of working towards growing and developing yourself?


Or do you spend it the way society expects you to do so?


I hope you enjoy my video and that it inspires you to look at time and the way you spend it, differently 🙂



If you would like to learn more about the system and education we used to personally achieve this type of freedom, reach out to me on the comment box with any questions you have and I would be glad to assist you in any way I can!


Alternatively, click here to get started on your journey to freedom today.​​​​​​​


I’ll speak to you soon


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