The Little Secrets To Finding Your Purpose

The Little Secrets To Finding Your Purpose

Are you struggling to find your purpose?


A lot of people struggle to find their life purpose and feel like they are held back from becoming the best version of themselves.


In this video, I will explain a few secrets on how to find your purpose as well as a small surprise/ giveaway at the end of this video.


A lot of us spend our whole lives searching outside of ourselves, not realising all the keys to our purpose lies within us.


I really really hope you enjoy this video and I would love to hear your feedback if you have any.​​​​​​​



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Should I Start An Online Business?

Should I Start An Online Business?

Starting up an online business has many advantages as well as concerns for those who aren’t sure on whether to take their business online or even start up an online business from scratch.

In this video I will be addressing the most common concerns as well as the advantages of starting an online business.

This should open your mind to what is actually happening in this present online/internet boom and clarify whether this is the way to go.

I hope you enjoy this very authentic video based on statistics as well as my own online experience.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂



Overview on what will be addressed in this video



1.Do I need lots of time and money?
2.What if I have no idea on how to use technology?
3.Can you really make a lot of money online?


1. No more chasing customers or cold calling

2. (Target your market)- Targeting the correct people by key words etc

3. Automation

4. No geographical constraints

5. Low overheads

6. Make money faster

7.Time Freedom

8. Location Independence

9. Reduced risks

10.Take your business to another level (Scalability)


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The Education That Changed My Life

The Education That Changed My Life

Today I wanted to share a piece of my puzzle.


I have been asked to explain how my life has changed since I signed up to my online journey.


I have truthfully answered it in a small one minute video which shares the rewards and memories that I have been able to create.


At the age of 19, I flew over to Australia from South Africa and had only myself to rely on.


I quickly found 5 part time jobs and then decided to study so that I could stay longer in Australia.


I later found it difficult because I had to answer to a boss, my opinions didn’t matter, I didn’t get along with everyone at work, I was stuck in traffic for an hour, never got time off to visit my family and friends and I hated that silly alarm clock going off 7days a week, playing the most annoying song to wake up to.


Thank goodness I’m not stuck in a life like that anymore!


I have been blessed to have found an education which has changed my life for the better.


I didn’t have to struggle finding a job, uplift myself nor rely on other people. I have been able to control my business and take it into any direction I want.


I am also able get the support I need from people who have the same mindset and goals as I have, people that actually care.


This is just a small example of how rewarding our online business is.


Hope you enjoy the video 🙂



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What Do We Actually Do? (Frequently Asked Question)

What Do We Actually Do? (Frequently Asked Question)

We get so many questions asking us..

“What is it that we actually do”

Below I’ve attached a video that answers this exact question and what our lifestyle business is truly all about.
In essence, we have learnt how to use and leverage the internet by using a step by step system, the same system we used to quit our 9-5 jobs and earn passive income.

Our entire aim behind our business is to empower people to take action and follow their dreams.

So I hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them through using the comment section below 🙂



Speak soon,

Sandrine – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Below I have attached a small video purely explaining why we should stop comparing ourselves to others.


The main takeaway of this video is to change the way you look at situations and life.



Stop comparing yourself to others and start focusing your energy on trying to find one trait that you have that no body else has.


Start focusing on what you have, then you might realize you have a lot.


Find your greatest power… For me it’s trying to scale my online business and provide value to the world. I didn’t know what it was until I changed my mindset and accepted myself.


If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it is to stop being afraid of who you are and start accepting what makes you unique.


Once you find what makes you unique, you won’t want to even compare yourself to others.


I hope you enjoy the video!


Warm Regards



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