Last week I met people from all walks of the planet, including former doctors, lawyers, accountants, and many from the world of finance.


Some of these people had been working for over 30 years until they made the decision to transition into the world of digital entrepreneurship.


Many of them left well-paid six figure salaries to create their very own laptop lifestyle using the the same system and platform we used ourselves to leave the corporate world.


The thing that amazed me the most is that so many of these ex-corporates was that being an expert in their respective fields didn’t necessarily define who they truly were.


As we dug deeper into their stories I found most (including myself) exposing their true selves for the very first time.


Here’s what I mean…


Some had life long passions for music, art, and serving others. I even met one guy who use to DJ outside his corporate gig.


What if you could be fully self-expressed and earn money on your own terms?


That is what creating a laptop lifestyle is all about. Creating a business that gives you the freedom to finally pursue what you’re actually passionate about.


Most people are sceptical, but our community members are living proof their is definitely a different way of doing things…


So today I shot a quick video message about this but also a very insightful one…



Enjoy the video!









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