Am I Too Old To Start An Online Business?

Am I Too Old To Start An Online Business?

Do you need to be young like ourselves to be successful working online?

Well… I’d probably say that you’re only too old for this if you decide you’re too old for this.

You know, over the years we’ve worked with retired individuals right into their 70s.

In fact, a couple of students in their 80s have gone on to earn income on the internet so there’s no doubt about it that the answer is ­ nobody is too old to do this as long as they want to do it.

Several years ago one of the difficulties with being successful on the internet is the technology inside was a lot more complicated—getting set up with websites, different business models. Just to get them off the ground took a lot more technical know­how.

So if you were somebody who maybe isn’t used to technology—you don’t like change—then you wouldn’t be getting off to the best possible start.

However, the great thing about what we’ve been able to do here with our business model is leverage a kind of out­ of ­the ­box system—there are some things that you need to learn about the system, there’s a few things that you need to do to set up but it really is just about following a series of videos.

And I would say this ­ when I look at all of the successful students over the years, the one thing that they had in common certainly hasn’t been how old they are.

It’s been about their will to do this, it’s been about their commitment to actually following the training, putting things into practice and making things happen. And I’ve got to tell you a couple of things. I’m extremely passionate about helping, let’s say the baby boomer era, I think they have an amazing job to give us the opportunities that we have today.

Without my parents’ generation, for example, doing the good things that they’ve done—society would be very different, we wouldn’t have the opportunities that we have right now. And I think this is a great way for us to give back. So I love working with the older students—baby boomers, if you like.

The other thing I would say is that one of the things I think people fear when they’re maybe a little older, is that in getting started in business there’s not going to be other people like them to network with; maybe they won’t fit in, maybe, you know, they’re going to turn up at our events and they’re going to be the oldest person in the room.

And I could put your mind at rest, you know, actually I discovered the average age at this time in the SFM community is late forties (40s) —at forty eight (48) to be precise—and that’s the average age and we have so many members who are in their fifties (50s), sixties (60s), even seventies (70s) who are doing this. And I know there are other educational companies out there who are experiencing exactly the same.

I think there’s a lot of people who are coming up to retirement or who have retired and they want an opportunity to be able to live life as best as they possibly can and quite often that means more money. But they don’t want to be working in a supermarket or they don’t want to be doing some type of part­ time job.

Many, many of our students have said ­ I’m overqualified for most of the part ­time jobs out there. I’ve got a lot of experience in dealing with customers or I’ve been a consultant or being in retail jobs in the past.

So they want to feel challenged and they want to do something that’s exciting and I think an internet business offers all of that. So definitely ­no worries at all when it comes to being too old to work with our community and start a business on the internet.

If you’re interested in learning more about our system or wondering how you can get started working online today, I highly recommend you click here and watch this video.

Keeping Your Passion Alive


The Lifestyle Team

How To Achieve Success in Today’s Digital Age

How To Achieve Success in Today’s Digital Age

Most people, including myself at one point, believed that achieving a high level of success was only meant for people with ‘special or extraordinary talents’.


I used to always believe that high level entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would only be capable of achieving extraordinary results.


Yet, as I made my way passed my young adulthood years, I started to question all of this due to the rapid growth of the digital economy.


It’s safe to say that we all live in an information age where opportunities are widely available for people to break away from the traditional 9 to 5 job to pursue working for themselves.


You see, the rise of entrepreneurship has grown tremendously over the past few years and I couldn’t help but notice the major impact they are making on many industries to this day.


With entrepreneurship becoming more common in today’s society, I started to gather my thoughts on what those defining factors were that enables today’s entrepreneurs to achieve such a high level of success, of which people back in the pre digital age would find quite difficult if not impossible to achieve.


Having left my job 2 years ago to pursue a lifestyle business with three other entrepreneurs, I for one truly believe that anyone has the capability to work for themselves and achieve a similar level of success as we are prime examples of achieving it ourselves.



So today I thought I’d share with you reasons why success in today’s digital age is more possible to achieve and why overcoming the barriers to starting a business have never been easier.


1. Cost Effective Marketing


As we all know, Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. With the use of technology and the world wide web in today’s digital age, getting exposure and marketing for your business is much cheaper and easier to attain.


Let’s take a step backwards for a minute..


Before the world wide web ever existed, many entrepreneurs and companies would rely solely on expensive platforms such as Television, Radio and Newspapers to get their advertising messages across. As you would know, these platforms required top dollars so only high profiled corporations and individuals would utilise these platforms for their marketing efforts leaving small business owners struggling to get their foot into the door.


Luckily, in today’s information age, the world wide web is rapidly changing the game of how marketing is done.


Many entrepreneurs are now leveraging the internet to get their messages across to the right market.


Online social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are quickly becoming the primary choices for marketing for many businesses and entrepreneurs.



The Lifestyle Team in Palawan, Philippines

Not only do I believe these platforms are extremely powerful in terms of engaging with your customers and getting the right messages across to a more targeted audience, but they are high performing and extremely cost effective which has widely contributed to the success of many individuals and businesses to this date, including ourselves.


Personally in our online business, we would have never been able to achieve a 6 figure income in just over a year if we didn’t master the art of marketing online through Youtube and Facebook.


These platforms personally worked like gang busters for us. This is why I believe anyone can achieve success in their business as long as they have the patience and determination to learn how to maximize these platforms for their marketing efforts.


2. Unlimited access to knowledge


stock-3-1Gone are those days where access to information was limited. Due to this beautiful thing we call the Internet, information on literally anything can be accessed within seconds!


This has provided so many more opportunities for people to venture out and learn new skill sets. People can now access critical information on video clips, webinars, podcasts and interview recordings.


13384880_10154100172180295_357318873_nPersonally, I have learnt so much and attained many new skill sets such as website building,implementing new marketing strategies and editing quality videos simply by looking for this information online. As a result, it has given me the opportunity to take our business to the next level which has given us the chance to really stay on track on the road to success without making mistakes that could have been easily avoided.


3. Never stop adapting to new technology!


Those businesses who aren’t keeping up with technology and industry trends are bound to fall behind.


You need to understand that in order to set yourself up for success, you need to set up systems and run your business as efficiently as possible, and this can all be done by utilising and keeping up with today’s technology.



The Lifestyle Team w/ our business mentor Jay Kubassek

A big reason why we have experienced tremendous results in our online business is because our business runs on autopilot. We have set up systems online such as sales funnels, lead generation tactics and autoresponders which in return has allowed us to run our business as efficiently and smoothly as possible without having to physically be in the office 24/7 of the day.


In addition, having this time freedom allows us to focus our efforts on finding more ways to take our business to the next level and maximizing our results which ultimately enables us to achieve our goals faster.


One’s success really depends on how you make use of today’s technology in your business so that the business works for you and not vice versa.



It’s suffice to say that we are surrounded by so many opportunities to do something bigger and be someone greater than we ever anticipated we could ever be.


Overcoming barriers when starting a business has never been easier as we now have all the resources and tools today to make something happen for ourselves.

I know this because having left my job to embark on my entrepreneurial journey two years ago, I have truly learnt the importance of having to adapt to change and keeping up with the digital economy in order to achieve long term success.


We all have big aspirations and dreams in life and in today’s economy, anything is now possible. If there was one thing you could take away from this article, it is to start taking action.


Take action towards whatever it is you want to achieve and use the resources we have today to help lead you to success.


Until next time,

Merrilee – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design






The Art of Success

The Art of Success

Over the past 3 years, my life has changed dramatically since leaving my secure job driving trucks and entering this whole new world of entrepreneurship.


I’ve travelled to over 20 countries and now closing in on 2 million dollars in online commissions less than six months after earning the first million.


But who cares right?


Just because I am able to do it, does that mean that everyone else is able to do it?


Today I wanted to give a shoutout to one of our personal students who has had massive success in a business that was foreign to him only 6 months ago.


His name is James Melouney and you could say he’s got an advantage because he is a best-selling author of the book The Art Of Success.




Little did I know he was a best-selling author until just recently when we attended a private mastermind in the Dominican Republic in late February.


It’s only the 24th March and James is already closing in on 20k commissions for himself this month.


And because he is in our downline for our affiliate marketing business we earn commission on his sales which have already equated to over $4000. All passive income and 100% profit for us.


Below is a screenshot of our earnings from the sales James has made this month.


james mach sales lifestyle


Above you can see that we earn 10% on any product our sub-affiliates sell off the Digital Experts Academy and $10 each month as a subscription fee of the Six Figure Mentors.


Our referring affiliates Lee and Tami have earned over $150,000 within 2 years from our success.


So we are looking for other leaders who can duplicate our success.


That’s why we hold weekly webinars and private masterminds for our team so that they can learn strategies, mindsets, and skill sets from people getting results.


The money doesn’t compare to seeing the growth in others 🙂


Below is is a screenshot of James total sales up to the 24th March. Very impressive for only a newbie only 6 months in.


james total sales


James applied the education he learnt from the Six Figure Mentors, along with their very powerful business system.


Pay attention to the high ticket products ($1000+) he was able to sell which earned him the bulk of his commissions.


It’s why most people struggle to make enough online because their margins are too small for the products they are promoting.


It is a lot easier to sell one product that earns $5800 per sale than a smaller priced product of $50. You would have to sell a $50 product 116 times to earn the same amount of commissions for that one sale.


James is now in a very fortunate position to scale his business by reinvesting into more paid traffic.


No doubt he will have created a 7 figure business for himself within the next 24 months because of his mindset around this business, combined with the huge leverage of knowing how to use the internet.


And he knows a thing or 2 about success being a best-selling author 🙂


This email is just some inspiration to the possibilities for anyone who is ready to face their fears and get to work.


Don’t believe all the hype of making 50k in less than 90 days with all the false promises in the vast amount of opportunities. It took over 12 months for me to get any momentum in my business and it could have been very easy to call it quits without seeing the results.


You can become financially free and secure your future doing something you love, instead of waking up every day doing something for the sake of it.


James is only one example of our team members who got success with this business in a short amount of time.


We have others members now pulling in over 40k per month and I am super proud of every one of them because of the growth I’ve seen in them, and the massive impact they are having in this world.


Remember that the only difference between someone successful and the newbie who is willing to do the work.. IS TIME!


You can get a copy of James book The Art of Success on amazon for only $3.86.


It’s a must read!


Keep working hard towards your goals.


If you want to check out what the Six Figure Mentors is all about you can take a risk-free 30 day Free Trial.


We would love to have you apart of our team 🙂


Have an enjoyable weekend

Chris – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design

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The #1 Tool You Need To Succeed

The #1 Tool You Need To Succeed



What if I told you that you already have everything you need to become successful?


This morning I was listening to one of my favourite online mentors Bob Proctor whilst going on my daily walk around the river and he revealed the #1 tool everybody needs to become successful…


I wanted to share that knowledge with you today because I know it will help you tremendously in this roller coaster journey we call life.


Whether your goal is to earn more money, gain more time freedom or create the perfect lifestyle business like ourselves, this tool will give you access to anything beyond your wildest dreams and desires… (Hint: You learned it as a child)



Be Bold, Take Action & Make it Happen,



Lessons Learned From Bestselling Author Robert Kiyosaki

Lessons Learned From Bestselling Author Robert Kiyosaki

Are you familiar with bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki?


If not, I suggest you start off by pick up a copy of his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’


After reading this book my mindset changed forever and I started taking the actions that has given me freedom to this present day.


IMG_1907Financial Freedom
to write my own pay cheque for life.


Time Freedom to do what I want when I want.


Freedom to never have to answer to a boss again!


After all isn’t freedom something that we are all chasing?


Well this past weekend I had the pleasure of being able to attend a live event held by the man himself.


So I shot a video about my experience of the event.



Here are some of my key takeaways:


  1. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and the sad truth is that many will never make it. The bigger your fighting Spirit the better your chances.
  2. Building a successful business is a team sport. Don’t be a jack of all trades and hire professionals who can do the job better than you.


FOCUS! Follow One Course Until Successful.. Too many people jump from opportunity to opportunity without giving it a red hot crack!


You get punished in school for failing, but in real life failing is all apart of the process. The more you fail and learn from your mistakes, the more you will succeed.


Australia has the best coffee in the world 🙂 (According to Robert & Kim Kiyosaki). Starbucks will never take off down under.



There are 101 other takeaways but you can watch the video I shot after attending the event.


And If you ever get the chance to see him live make sure you do so!


Its an experience of a lifetime 🙂


Keep fighting for your freedom!


Have a great day

Chris – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design





Are Your Excuses Bigger Than Your Dreams?

Are Your Excuses Bigger Than Your Dreams?

I recently shot a video this past week whilst in Bali attending a retreat held by the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy. At this event I was fortunate enough to mastermind with other very successful digital entrepreneurs.


I noticed a common theme that separated people who are financially free and living their desired lifestyle compared to the people who desperately want it but just can’t seem to get it.


Here is what I learnt:


Successful people don’t make excuses, they take full responsibility for their actions and progress towards their dreams everyday.


So on that note I recorded a little rant whilst in the pool in Seminyak Bali.


I’m not trying to upset anyone with this video but rather empower individuals who constantly find themselves making excuses when it comes to working towards their own goals and visions.



I was in a fortunate position to be able to build a successful online business at such a young age, without having all the extra commitments that most people use as excuses that stop them from taking the appropriate actions…


Mortgages, children, time away from work, credit card debt, no education, lack of money etc.. sound familiar?


I want to let you know that no matter what your circumstances may be, there is always a solution to your problems.


Coming up with excuses, reasoning with them, always having to be right, living in the past, playing the victim role, entitlement and lack of gratitude holds people back from being the powerful person that they could be.

So sell any excuses you may have, take action and work hard everyday towards the life you have always wanted to live.


You deserve it!


Have a great week ahead









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