Proof That An Online Business Works

Proof That An Online Business Works

On our recent trip to Mauritius I experienced a massive eye opener and thought I’d share some of my insight in the video below.


Having the flexibility and freedom has allowed us to pack our bags and breath in new cultures of Mauritius:)


I’m talking about freedom in a very broad sense. Doing work for someone else, having a job or loving someone has nothing to do with freedom.


Freedom is NOT doing whatever the heart desires right now. Freedom is the possibility of doing whatever the heart desires right now. Freedom is the possibility of breaking free, if and when needed. Freedom is the confidence of not being chained in an unhappy state.


Pursuit of freedom is to continuously ensure that one is not relenting control of life to any person or any sort of circumstances.



No one but you has any right on your life.


I’m so blessed to have stumbled across an education that allows me to live my life of freedom!


Speak soon



The Importance of Self Development

The Importance of Self Development

I woke up this morning to a notification on Facebook sharing a memory of this exact day last year.



It was a photo capturing the very first event held in Las Vegas that I have ever been apart of since joining the Six Figure Mentors. It was also the very first time visiting America and is to this date one of the most unforgettable trips of my life!



This memory reminds me of what an amazing year it’s been..



Looking back a year ago, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if I didn’t continuously surround myself with people who challenged me, inspired me to reach new heights and encourage me to be the best version of myself.



These events have personally been extremely life changing and helpful to me. ​​​​​​​




I attend these events to not only surround myself with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and 7 figure business owners of whom I have learnt so much from to be where I am today, but also a fantastic community of people who have chosen to challenge the status quo, pursue their dreams and truly live a life of greatness.



It’s these people and events that I continually surround myself around that have played a tremendous role towards my success to this date.



A year ago, I was shy, very reserved and I didn’t believe I had greatness within me to become a powerful leader.



This year was the year that I had really stepped out of my shell.. I started to become fully self expressed and I had finally built the courage to pursue those things that really drive and excite me in life without a care in the world about what others would think or say about me.

This year was the year where I found myself and I don’t think I would be where I am today, being my own independent boss if I didn’t take the risk to leave everything that didn’t contribute towards my growth.


I’m venting out today because I know everyone has greatness within them.


That one event last year enabled me to really discover my greatness. And since that day, I have been growing everyday and working towards reaching my fullest potential.


So start attending events that will challenge your way of thinking, be open to developing yourself mentally, physically and emotionally and start hanging out with people who inspire and challenge you to grow.


I know very well that YOU TOO have greatness within you and so I want you to start taking the action towards achieving it today!


Enjoy your weekend ahead 🙂


Till next time,










Is Living A ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ Real?

Is Living A ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ Real?

As I sit here writing this blog waiting to board my flight back to Perth, I reflect on what an amazing week I had whilst in Thailand.


What made it so great were the people I shared the pleasure of spending my time with whilst I was there.


There were two people in particular, Amy Taylor and Jay Williams, that happened to be there at the same place at the same time as Gerard and I.


But instead of only spending the past 10 days in Thailand and returning home, they are spending the next 2 years travelling all over the globe.


Now its not all fun and games for them while going from one place to the next.


Because believe it or not, they are living the laptop lifestyle. Having the ability to run very successful and profitable businesses from the luxury of their laptops.


I shot a video whilst on a tour together of you to get to know them better.



The funny thing is that we all got started on our entrepreneurial journeys around the same time, and actually all met each other for the first time at an event held by the Six Figure Mentors In London June 2014.


Back then we were all still relatively new, without any real financial results to show for ourselves, but their were some common traits that we all shared with one another.


  • A burning desire for something more
  • A Belief in ourselves that we could achieve anything we put our minds to
  • The right work ethic to get things done and..
  • A never say die (quitting) attitude


Its crazy to reflect on where the past 2 years have gone since we all sat in that workshop together admiring other leaders. But fast forward the last two years and we are all living our desired lifestyle and doing the things we set ourselves to do.


But this isn’t about us…


Its About You! And you living your best life.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be passion for travel.


Whatever it may be, I’m here to tell you that it is possible that you can do it 🙂


Just bring the same burning desire, belief, work ethic and attitude with you..


I’d love to know what it is your out to achieve and WHY?


Enjoy the video!



The Dark Side Of Freedom

The Dark Side Of Freedom

Gerard here.


It’s a Monday and I’m sat here on the poolside at our resort in Thailand working on our internet business thinking to myself, “this is the life…”
I mean wow, I couldn’t be more grateful for the lifestyle our team gets to live today but sometimes I forget to realize the amount of sacrafices it took to get to this point in my life…


Did you know there is a dark side to freedom?


I shot a video you can watch here:



What I mean by that is that we can sometimes get so consumed by overnight success stories that when we see people doing what it is we most desire we think to ourselves that “they just got lucky…”


However, nothing could be further from the truth…


What most people don’t recognise is the true cost of becoming successful… whether that be losing a lot of weight, climbing up that corporate ladder or building your own 7-figure online empire.


Most of us want the outcome, but were not prepared to pay the true cost…


The cost of the pain required to experience true pleasure.


Because nothing in life comes easy, it always cost you something.


You want a better body? it’s going to cost you more sweat in the gym.


You want a loving relationship? It’s going to cost you more tears and heartbreak to find that perfect partner.


You want more freedom? It’s going to cost you more time and more money…


Yep, you heard me correctly… But isn’t that the only reason we start our own internet business in the first place?


Here’s the thing…


When you first get started it’s going to cost you more time learning new skills, it’s going to cost you more money to get educated and invest capital into your business.


That is the dark side of freedom that nobody wants to talk about. The team and I get to live an awesome lifestyle today simply because we paid the costs up front and more importantly got to WORK.


The good news is that if your prepared to pay the costs (at least initially while you build your business), then all the time, all the money, all the abundance and all the freedom in the world comes streaming back to you.


That is simply how the laws of the universe work.


For every up there is a down. For every left there is a right. For every pleasure there is a pain…


If life was constantly sunshine and rainbows we’d never come to realize what the hell pleasure even was!


So, as we begin a new week I want you to reflect on your goals and what you truly desire and ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay the costs to achieve my dreams?”


If yes… Awesome! Get to work and soon all your dreams will begin to appear like an overnight success to the rest of the world.


Hope you enjoy today’s video message… and as always, I’d love to hear your personal thoughts on this subject.


Be Bold, Take Action & Make it Happen,



Security Vs. Freedom

Security Vs. Freedom

Today I want to talk about security vs freedom.


Firstly, lets define both..


Security are things like your personal financial security or job security. Freedom on the other hand, is about financial freedom and time freedom.


Many people believe that there’s a trade off, that if you are working towards gaining security, you’re losing more of your freedom in life.

This may have been true in the past but times have changed..


13384844_10154100155635295_2067994613_nWhen growing up, I was really programmed to work towards security. I went to school, I studied hard and got a degree so that I can find a full time job (which I did) in the hopes of securing my financial future.


Yet in the midst of doing all of that, in the midst of working towards security by answering to a boss, I started to lose a sense of my freedom.


I was so controlled in the 9 to 5 corporate environment that I started to live my life by always asking for permission..


I would ask permission to leave work early, I would ask permission to take a holiday, I would even ask permission to visit my family overseas at least once a year.


I was drowning in this environment of being told what I can or can not do and I was sick of it!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 13.40.01Yet I stuck it out because I didn’t think I had a choice.. that my only option to get the security I needed, one that I worked so hard to achieve, was by answering to a boss and conforming to societies version of success.


It didn’t take long for me to realise that what I thought was secure, wasn’t secure after all. I got made redundant two years after working in that job.


You see.. although I thought that job security was the safest way to go, it is now becoming a thing of the past due to the ever growing evolution of technology.


13495384_10154136294360295_2839514027142188635_oPeople are starting to get replaced by machines. Airports, fast food chains and banks are all cutting costs by letting employees go and integrating machines to do the work for them 100x more efficiently.


I realise that the only way forward to achieve financial security in this digital age was to stop working for money, but have money work for me.


I knew that I had to start adapting to this ever growing digital economy and find opportunities for me to leverage the internet to start making a full time living.


If I told myself two years ago that I was going to be a 7 figure business owner working full time as a digital entrepreneur, I would have thought I was crazy!


IMG_9839Fast forward two years later, and I am happy and the most fulfilled I have ever been.


I have been running a successful online business with three other entrepreneurs, and we have just recently surpassed the one million mark in affiliate commissions which is a HUGE milestone for us as we can officially say that we are 7 figure business owners at the age of 20+!


My redundancy in my job had completely changed my perception and attitude towards life. I no longer base my decisions on what’s going to give me a ‘false sense’ of security..


13406796_10154112460905295_4931172684295833424_nI base my decisions on what’s going to give me total freedom, freedom in how much income I can earn, freedom in my time and what I do with it and freedom simply by choosing how I want to live my life.


And ironically enough, the freedom I have achieved these past 2 years has given me more security in my life and in my finances than a job had ever given me.


How crazy is that!


So I want to ask you something..


What would you rather work towards, job security or freedom?


You see..most people tend to smile when thinking about freedom. Thinking about security doesn’t yield the same emotions as freedom does.


But why is it that most of us spend so much time worrying about security and so little time planning for freedom?


It may be because you have a family to look after, bills to pay.. I get it.



But what if you could have both freedom and security in your life?



13923480_10154271084685295_4524900304247963174_oI used to think you could achieve either one or the other..



But given today’s economy where there are so many more opportunities for you to step into entrepreneurship and take advantage of the digital age where information is so widely accessible, it has now become a possibility to achieve both.




The financial freedom you will achieve will ultimately result in security towards your life and your future because you are no longer relying on someone else to give it to you..



14021571_10210343474447681_7768448780517896524_nYou are no longer working for money nor relying on a monthly pay check. You will have total control over how much you make and what your future will entail and NO ONE can take that away from you!


If being an entrepreneur is for you, start today so that you can see the purpose of your career or business as more than meeting a financial need.


Working for yourself and being your own boss goes infinitely beyond financial security. You are in charge of your own life and what happens to it that you will no longer need to rely on anyone else or ask for permission.


It is then where freedom takes its place and that’s when you are TRULY LIVING.


Speak soon



Prove Them Wrong: A Story About My Mum

Prove Them Wrong: A Story About My Mum

Today I wanted to share a quick story about my mum.


I shot a video you can watch here:



My brother Chris and I recently agreed to invest into her struggling restaurant business in the Philippines.


She has dreams of growing it into a franchise and becoming one of the best and well-known chicken bbq grills to hit the market.


Here’s the thing,


I’ve seen the restaurant… it has great food and great staff but what is severely lacks is a quality LOCATION…


First of all it has hardly any parking.


Secondly it’s hidden around a corner and tough to find.


Thirdly it has way too much competition in the surrounding and her brand is not well known yet.


As an entrepreneur and investor, I had to point out that I couldn’t see how she was going to succeed.


It was tough to break her dreams, but we invested anyway. Why?


Pure love and affection, she has done so much for us I felt it was time for us to return the favour.


I let her know that although I can’t see how it was going to succeed, I encouraged her to PROVE ME WRONG!


I told her I don’t expect any return on my investment, but there would be nothing more to make me happy than her to prove me wrong and create amazing success.


It’s funny how when back in 2014, when Chris and I quit our jobs to start our online business without any results or zero previous online business experience, she use to say the exact same thing to us, “Prove me wrong”.


The moral of the story is that success isn’t easy, it’s tough!


90% of business start-ups fail within there first 3 years so the odds are always going to be against you.


The facts don’t lie but here’s the catch…


When you want something bad enough, the facts don’t matter!!!


Sometimes self-belief is all you need to turn your BIG dreams into reality.


So, ignore the naysayers, disregard the facts… and just go for it!


Be Bold, Take Action & Make it Happen,



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