The Most Valuable Asset You Will Ever Own

The Most Valuable Asset You Will Ever Own

What is the most valuable asset in your life?


You see, most people would answer this thinking their most valuable asset would either be their house, their car or their job.

To me personally, I don’t believe that this is the case. To me, I believe the most valuable asset you can ever have in your life is yourself.


Let me go into this further..


Four years ago, I thought my most valuable asset was my career. I thought to myself that if I put my job first and focused on working hard to climb my way up the corporate ladder, I would no doubt achieve financial and long term success.


I spent all my time investing solely into building up my career. Although it is important to focus on your career, I however allowed it to take full control over my life.  I spent days on end working overtime, sacrificing my health and my time to work hard so that one day, I could finally say to myself ‘ I MADE IT!’.


But during this time, I was starting to lose a sense of who I was and what my purpose was in life. I was blinded by my everyday demands being in a job for the sake of financial security and had allowed work to take control over all aspects of my life.


I had allowed it to take control over ME.


When I got made redundant after 2 years of working in that job, I found myself back to square one with no job and no income coming through. All this time I realized that I was not investing in anything other than the same old paycheck every month, doing things that didn’t maximize my own value but rather doing things that I was simply just told to do.


I realized then and there that my job was not my most valuable asset, if anything it wasn’t an asset at all. It was a job that could hopefully build into something that could generate me a decent income as long as I stayed in that job. My job was just a job, one that would stop serving me when I decide to quit doing it.


And it did, it had stopped serving me.


I came to realize that instead of investing all my time towards working in a job, one that didn’t contribute towards maximizing my own personal value, I needed to start investing in myself.



I needed to understand that I was my most important and valuable asset and that in order to increase my own personal value to society, I needed to focus on myself first.



After this revelation.. I started to take the time to work on myself by learning new skill sets, surrounding myself with leaders and entrepreneurs that inspired me, focusing on my personal growth and taking on great opportunities that could ultimately serve me in the long run.



I had learnt how to build inherent value in myself, value that can serve me far better than a job could ever do so and one that could open new doors and opportunities for me to grow.



By investing in myself, I was able to replace my corporate job with a business that I love.  It’s a business that challenges me, inspires me and enables me to grow, it’s a business that serves me both financially and emotionally but most importantly, it’s a business that gives me the opportunity to serve others.


The reason why I am sharing you this story today is because whether you know it or not, you are your own greatest asset. 



Don’t let your career or your job define who you are.



By investing in yourself, you are not only adding value to your career, but you are unquestionably adding value to yourself, which is the best investment you could ever make for yourself!



It will start to expand your potential horizons and offer you countless of opportunities for you to grow and become successful. More importantly, it will allow you to live a life based on your own values, needs and wants.



I know this because if I had solely remained invested in my job, I would still be working late nights at my cubicle hoping to one-day advance in my career.



If I didn’t take that chance to invest in myself, I would never be where I am today, building a business that I not only love but one that has ultimately allowed me to pursue the things that matter to me most, which in this case is my love for travel 🙂



I cannot reiterate how important it is to invest in yourself first, not in whatever might give you another inch in whatever happens to be your current career path. If you truly want to be successful in life, you need to become more than just someone filling in a slot in a company and only doing what you are told to do.


Once you start to understand that you are your greatest asset, go out there and take full control of your own life! Investing in yourself is the key to living a life of meaning and purpose and to me, it is the best investment that you could ever make for yourself.


To your success and happiness,

Merrilee Watson – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design







How To Sustain Motivation

How To Sustain Motivation

What is the single best way to stay motivated and energised every single day? How do highly successful people maintain their motivation and continue to chase their toughest goals through an entire year?


It’s something I ask myself every time I feel demotivated and to be honest it’s been happening quite frequently lately.


I’ve read blogs, listened to podcasts and reflected on what holds me back from my goals on a day to day basis. After gathering all this information, I came up with a solution which I would love to share with you.


I noticed that all these points below had played a big part in demotivating me from my dreams, visions, actions and achieving a higher level of success… you may laugh, but it’s definitely true.



1.) Sleep

I become a grumpy, tired person when I don’t get enough sleep. This leads to negativity. I also eat practically anything handed to me- this includes any fatty foods which then consumes my energy. My sleep, diet, and exercise are all interlinked.



2. A healthy diet

Yes, fatty foods make you tired and sleepy, unfortunately. I noticed that when I eat healthy nutritional food, I become more energised and motivated! I’m more proud of myself and I automatically motivate myself.



3. Exercise

I know what your thinking… How could exercise possibly motivate you? As much as I wish it weren’t true, it really does keep you motivated. Exercising releases chemicals in your brain which then help you sustain motivation. I struggle to get to the gym, but the moment I’m done my session I really do feel great about myself which then reflects on my day.





4. Surround yourself with people who motivate you

this is one of the best things you can do to keep you focussed and accountable. My business partner Merrilee picks me up 3 days a week and drags me down to the gym with her, she has the same gaols and I know I can’t chicken out because I would be letting her down. I know it’s sometimes easier to let yourself, but the moment someone else counts on you… it’s harder to let them down.



5. Take breaks

Finally something that’s easy to do. Studies have shown that by taking breaks the brain refreshes and focus is at a higher level.



6. Good Habits

This one’s in bold because it is so important to replace bad habits with good ones. We subconsciously do day to day activities where our mind is not fully present because we have already created these habits. The moment I change my habit of watching tv to reading a book or watching a motivational video, maintaining motivation will be much easier. The choices we make play a big part in our future success.



The FOCUS & EVERY DAY EFFORT you put into your actions will determine the amount of motivation pumped back into your body.



Make sure have a daily/weekly routine and that you reflect on improvement.



The reason why Olympians and highly successful people sustain their motivation is because most people think they need motivation and the effort comes. It’s with a daily effort that momentum comes.



Does motivation inspire the effort? No, it doesn’t! Don’t wait for the motivation to go out and take action. I always thought it was the other way round until I understood that taking action first is so much more rewarding and that it will keep me motivated.



A Higher Purpose

Despite the innate power of goal setting, a longer lasting fuel for motivation is having a higher purpose. The concept of knowing your “Why” is your true purpose or belief that inspires you. Whether your motivation is to lose weight, stop smoking, get out of debt or launch a new business, ask yourself “why” you want to do that. In fact, ask several why’s in a row and you might be surprised at your answer.



Don’t let internal negativity surround you, challenge yourself to become the best you can be and think positive thoughts throughout each day.

Keep striving for success,

The Limiting Belief of ‘Comfort Zones’

The Limiting Belief of ‘Comfort Zones’

Hey , it’s Merrilee here 🙂


Earlier this morning, I was listening to a podcast talking about ‘comfort zones’.


I chuckled a little bit because I was reflecting on how I used to live my life based on what was comfortable to me and how I allowed it to control my life..


Listening to this got me thinking how ridiculous this concept of our comfort zone is.


The reason why I say that is because it is a concept that really shouldn’t matter to us.


Yet we, as people are naturally interested on this idea of being comfortable and being in constant ease that anything outside of our comfort zone is classified as scary and one we shouldn’t consider pursuing at all..


I am guilty of this as I used to always have my comfort zone dictate most of my decisions in life..


But the truth is, and one that I had come to realise over the past two years is that..


..if you have a mission or dream in life, something that is truly important to you, whether it’s a passion you’ve always wanted to pursue, a love in your life, a cause you strongly believe in, your comfort zone should NOT matter nor even be considered at all…


When you find something that is truly important to you, you stop allowing your comfort zone to take over and start asking yourself, what do I need to do to fulfil that dream or mission, regardless of what is comfortable to me?


The funny thing is..people tend to say that we should focus on our strengths in life, find out what we are naturally good at and use that to our advantage by pursuing it as our life’s mission.


I don’t think that’s the case.


How else is anyone going to build on new skill sets and for growth to take place if they are only focusing on what they are naturally good at?


We, The Lifestyle Team, did not achieve the level of success we have to this date in our online business because we were naturally good in online marketing, nor was it because we had charisma or the experience being great in videos and producing content.


We truthfully had none of these skill sets when we first started, we were beginners just like everyone else trying to get our foot in the door.


The funny thing was, I used to be extremely shy and introverted and had no idea how to talk in front of camera, let alone on stage to a group of people!


Public speaking was actually one of my biggest fears in life.


But what had led us, as a team, to ultimately succeed in this business was our bigger vision for ourselves.

We envisioned ourselves being our own bosses at the age of 20+, having the freedom to pursue things such as travel, adventure, living life on the edge and helping people with a similar vision do the same.


It wasn’t our natural strengths that dictated our decision to pursue this vision..


It was the vision itself and using that to fuel our energy and drive to challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone at all times.


My point here is that, you should never let your so called ’strengths’ or weaknesses limit your belief in what you’re capable of doing.


Never let it dictate your decisions and pull you away from achieving your bigger visions in life.


If you have a message you want to share to the world but you’re not the greatest communicator, go out there and find your voice.. shoot videos, attend events, write blogs and surround yourself with people that inspire and challenge you.


It’s what personally helped me become fully self expressed from once being shy and fearful to speak up.


Ultimately, the whole aim in life is to figure out what you truly want to do, how do you want to contribute to this world and how you grow into that regardless of what you’re naturally good at and what’s comfortable or easy to you.


Once you realise that, you’ll realise that your comfort zone was nothing but a story we tell ourselves, a limitation on how we show up in life and an excuse for not listening to what our soul’s purpose was trying to express.


It is then when this realisation hits, that you start living your life by expressing the truest version of yourself 🙂


I’ll speak to you soon,


[Straight Talk Alert] Why We Do What We Do

[Straight Talk Alert] Why We Do What We Do

In the beginning it was all about the money…


Then it became about the freedom….


Then it became all about YOU.


It’s Gerard here from the Lifestyle Team and today I wanted to explain to you the real reason behind why we do what we do…


Creating financial independence through starting an internet-based business is definitely one thing we can help you with… but it’s not the only thing.


Our deeper purpose is to empower you and help you discover the very best version of yourself…


The happier, healthier version of you is much more capable of achieving greatness than you give yourself credit for…

  • I don’t recommend you continue making someone else rich
  • I don’t recommend you keep pretending that ‘everything is just fine’
  • And I definitely don’t recommend you remain inside your comfort zone for the rest of your life.


You only have one life… LIVE IT!


Find your vehicle (whether that be an online business, forex trading, real estate investing, network marketing… commit to mastering it… work hard to create financial independence and experience true freedom!


Because real success in my opinion is FREEDOM… Freedom to be you!


Have an awesome weekend



Proof That An Online Business Works

Proof That An Online Business Works

On our recent trip to Mauritius I experienced a massive eye opener and thought I’d share some of my insight in the video below.


Having the flexibility and freedom has allowed us to pack our bags and breath in new cultures of Mauritius:)


I’m talking about freedom in a very broad sense. Doing work for someone else, having a job or loving someone has nothing to do with freedom.


Freedom is NOT doing whatever the heart desires right now. Freedom is the possibility of doing whatever the heart desires right now. Freedom is the possibility of breaking free, if and when needed. Freedom is the confidence of not being chained in an unhappy state.


Pursuit of freedom is to continuously ensure that one is not relenting control of life to any person or any sort of circumstances.



No one but you has any right on your life.


I’m so blessed to have stumbled across an education that allows me to live my life of freedom!


Speak soon



How To Boost Up Your Happiness ?

How To Boost Up Your Happiness ?

While alone time is important for creativity and inspiration, spending quality time with friends and family is just as important 🙂


Research shows that spending time with friends and family makes a big difference when it comes to happiness.


This statement is made by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Think about it, and you might even come up with someone you know who has made this very same statement.
Studies have proven that the amount of time spent with friends and family –goes a long way towards boosting happiness –even more so than an increased income!


Below I have attached a small video on my recent anniversary surprise for my partner Christopher. We flew around Perth in a 1930’s Waco Plane!


A few years back I would have never dreamt of having the time and flexibility to tick something off our bucket list spontaneously, YES I took my whole Friday off and created memories I’ll treasure forever 🙂


I wouldn’t have been able to do most of things I do without joining and implementing the training from the Six Figure Mentors.


​​​​​​​I hope this small video can show you the possibilities of freedom and the creation of more happiness.


“We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends.”


So while money can’t buy you happiness, spending time with the ones you love, is always a good investment!


So don’t overlook this important area in life! Find a way to value your time and spend it on people who make you happy.


Warm Regards






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