Surround Yourself With The Dreamers And Doers

Surround Yourself With The Dreamers And Doers

ImageThink of the five or ten people you spend most time with. What are these people doing? How passionate are they? Do they inspire you?


If the answer is no..then I highly suggest you assess your current environment and find people that will.


You see..a big factor that led to our entrepreneurial success was the people we surrounded ourselves with.
We chose to surround ourselves with people who impact the way we think, act and feel on a day-to-day basis.. people who challenged us to think bigger and bolder, people who inspired us to take massive action in our lives.


And might I add..


These people did not always have to be in person, they were in books, podcasts, videos and more that we had constantly immersed ourselves around.
The truth is.. I used to think entrepreneurship was unattainable. That it was too hard to build a successful online business due to the amount of scams out there promising success with a ‘click of a button’.


That’s what the general population always told me..

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.10.56 PMThen I started hanging out with entrepreneurs, who had drive, purpose and dreams, those who believed that insane things can be done as long as you have the right mentality and determination to pursue it..


The team and I are now on our second year of running a successful online business and we’re finally living a life based on fulfilment and meaning 🙂


Have a look at a video I produced the other day that truly captures the essence of our community and the people we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis..



The video was taken from our recent trip to Bali where we got to spend a full week masterminding (and having loads of fun) with some of the most influential and incredible entrepreneurs at the DEA Black retreat.


There is nothing more powerful than masterminding with people who not only inspire you, but who challenge you to become the best version of yourself.


So I challenge you to start involving yourself with people who lift you, inspire you, and motivate you to do and be more.


And as you grow, this might mean changing friends and colleagues, and that’s part of life.


Just trust in the power of your environment because it’s the people you surround yourself with that will play a huge factor in living the life you dream of.


Speak soon,



Are Your Excuses Bigger Than Your Dreams?

Are Your Excuses Bigger Than Your Dreams?

I recently shot a video this past week whilst in Bali attending a retreat held by the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy. At this event I was fortunate enough to mastermind with other very successful digital entrepreneurs.


I noticed a common theme that separated people who are financially free and living their desired lifestyle compared to the people who desperately want it but just can’t seem to get it.


Here is what I learnt:


Successful people don’t make excuses, they take full responsibility for their actions and progress towards their dreams everyday.


So on that note I recorded a little rant whilst in the pool in Seminyak Bali.


I’m not trying to upset anyone with this video but rather empower individuals who constantly find themselves making excuses when it comes to working towards their own goals and visions.



I was in a fortunate position to be able to build a successful online business at such a young age, without having all the extra commitments that most people use as excuses that stop them from taking the appropriate actions…


Mortgages, children, time away from work, credit card debt, no education, lack of money etc.. sound familiar?


I want to let you know that no matter what your circumstances may be, there is always a solution to your problems.


Coming up with excuses, reasoning with them, always having to be right, living in the past, playing the victim role, entitlement and lack of gratitude holds people back from being the powerful person that they could be.

So sell any excuses you may have, take action and work hard everyday towards the life you have always wanted to live.


You deserve it!


Have a great week ahead









Be Yourself, Have Fun, and Get Paid…

Be Yourself, Have Fun, and Get Paid…

Last week I met people from all walks of the planet, including former doctors, lawyers, accountants, and many from the world of finance.


Some of these people had been working for over 30 years until they made the decision to transition into the world of digital entrepreneurship.


Many of them left well-paid six figure salaries to create their very own laptop lifestyle using the the same system and platform we used ourselves to leave the corporate world.


The thing that amazed me the most is that so many of these ex-corporates was that being an expert in their respective fields didn’t necessarily define who they truly were.


As we dug deeper into their stories I found most (including myself) exposing their true selves for the very first time.


Here’s what I mean…


Some had life long passions for music, art, and serving others. I even met one guy who use to DJ outside his corporate gig.


What if you could be fully self-expressed and earn money on your own terms?


That is what creating a laptop lifestyle is all about. Creating a business that gives you the freedom to finally pursue what you’re actually passionate about.


Most people are sceptical, but our community members are living proof their is definitely a different way of doing things…


So today I shot a quick video message about this but also a very insightful one…



Enjoy the video!









The Incredible Power of Masterminds

The Incredible Power of Masterminds

IMG_2211As you may or may not know, the team and I have just arrived back to Perth from an amazing weekend retreat masterminding with the Digital Experts Academy Black community in Bali Indonesia.


Let’s just say..the retreat was incredible!


It was all about getting to know one another, building a team and masterminding with incredible people from all areas of the globe who were there with a similar purpose and vision, ready to make a difference and impact the world in a big way.


As you can imagine, our experience has been nothing short of extraordinary and it got me thinking how powerful it is to get involved and mastermind in a community that inspires and challenges you.


ImageMasterminding is such a powerful tool and personally for me, being able to mastermind this past week and getting to know some of the most incredible entrepreneurs on a more personal level has really enhanced both my personal and professional life.


It has enabled me to really think bigger and stretch way beyond my boundaries of what I thought I was capable of doing to now believing that anything is possible.


You see.. we all have a dream we want to achieve in life.


And sometimes we get sidetracked or discouraged by obstacles in the pursuit of our dreams.


But when this happens, being part of a mastermind helps remind us of our vision, and to encourage us get back on track and keep moving forward.


I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to be part of a mastermind and involve yourself in a community who can challenge you to break out of your comfort zone in order to pursue a path of growth, passion, and fulfilment.


ImageAnd let me just say this..there is an incredible freedom that comes with the level of trust we get from being part of a community.


I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if I wasn’t surrounded by these incredible people who have not only taught me so much but who have inspired me to break out of my shell, find my own voice and become a leader in my own right.


So I can’t be any more grateful to be part of the Six Figure Mentors community where we share, we grow and we connect as a family.


Here’s a photo collage of our retreat to give you a feel of what we’ve been up to.




I hope to one day connect with you too in one of these events..because it’s these moments that last for a lifetime 🙂




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