How The Successful People Think Differently

How The Successful People Think Differently

How do successful people think?


Success comes from our mind! We as people have been operating on less than 10% of our mental capacity. The exploration of human potential has discovered that we have been using only a small part/fraction of our brain.



Neurological research has shown that the human brain has enormous capacity which points out to be infinite!



If we pushed up our brain capacity up to 50% we could learn up to 40 languages, memorize the Soviet Encyclopedia and even complete dozens of courses.



Our lives revolve around solving problems, such as getting a promotion, more time with your children, buying a new house, going on more holidays, pleasing your loved ones and family, having more money, helping more people…



We all have goals we want to achieve,that’s life, but what we don’t realize is that successful people are not people without problems.. They are simply people who’ve learned to solve their problems.



Your mind is an undiscovered gold mine! Imagine if you could increases your brain capacity by just 10% more? What will this do for you and your family? The question is how can you increase this percentage?




Whether your 16 or 70 it doesn’t make a difference. Your goal is in the future and your problem is to solve the gap between now and the point you wish to reach.



Things people worry about :

40% -things that never happen
30% -things that are in the past and can’t be changed
12% -needless health worries
10% -petty miscellaneous worries
8% -real, legitimate worries


92% of our worries are absolutely unnecessary.



What makes humans unique is our minds, everything else can be found in a pig or a horse.The human mind is the only thing that separates us from everything else in the world.



With 4000 free hours a year, I have changed my mental capacity by not learning 40 new languages but by immersing my mind into learning the ins and outs of the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) which has changed my life completely.



I am now leading a purposeful and creative life, now it’s your time to shine!



Your mind is one of the most powerful miracles that could have ever been given to you, so lets start using it to create a better life that you deserve.


Speak soon,
Sandrine – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design






Why Most People Fail And How You Can Succeed

Why Most People Fail And How You Can Succeed

One thing that upsets me the most about online business opportunities or any business opportunity for that matter is seeing people come and go… in other words… QUIT.


I’ve seen it too many times where someone comes in for the first time with wild hopes and dreams and tell me “I’m going to succeed no matter what”, “I’m going to make things happen”, “I’m going to make a million dollars! Just watch me…”


So much drive and motivation gets them through the first week, first month, first 3 months and what? They disappear… no where to be seen or heard of?? What happened?


They gave up… things got hard and they quit… they FAILED.


More often than not they’re are usually the people with the most potential.


Unfortunately no matter how much potential one has it will never translate into results if you decide to quit


The only way you can fail to make money online is the day you decide to quit.


So why do people quit?


The biggest reason is that they’re too damn comfortable! They’re too comfortable at their mundane job, they’re too comfortable doing only what they know, they’re too comfortable just surviving doing what whatever they’re currently doing… In essence, they have other options…


What happens when things get uncomfortable then?


They QUIT…. they FAIL.


In the video below I wanted to share with you my thoughts and let you know how you can succeed 100% of the time and not just become another statistic of failure.



If you decide you want to earn more income and create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family, then failure cannot be an option…


I really don’t want you to settle for mediocrity like the 97% of the rest of society… the truth is the ‘good life’ certainly does exist and you deserve it!


Hope you enjoyed today’s video message… as always, let me know your thoughts 🙂


Keeping Your Passion Alive






How To Purposely Get Lucky

How To Purposely Get Lucky

Psst . . . Wanna Get Lucky?


There are many people who believe that you need to get lucky to become rich or successful. And while I do believe that luck plays its role in getting you there, I also believe that you can do things that will result in you purposely getting lucky.


No I’m not talking about making it big time overnight by purchasing the lottery daily or winning the jackpot playing slot machines at the casino every weekend where the odds are totally out of your favour.


The secret to getting purposely lucky is for you to be engaging in process


By engaging in process you will bend the possibility of you creating certain events that other will perceive as luck.


That is why I shot a video talking about getting purposely lucky and the certain events that have happened in my life that others perceive as luck.



Understand that luck is a product of process, action, work and being out there. And when you are out there you stand a chance at being in the right place at the right time.


And no the right place is not on the sofa watching hours of repeat television, playing video games, hours of pointless youtube videos or down at the pub everyday after your shift at work.


The right place knows where the wrong places are.


Work towards your dreams and visions by processing in the right direction. Reading books, listening to podcast, educating yourself, attending events and doing the right thing in the right places.


Don’t believe all the hype and hot air on the internet offering you everything you want without any effort or work involved.


If you want the right education and start your very own online business as we did with the Six Figure Mentors, you must be willing to engage in process, take action and get to work.


A great quote from the 3rd president of the United States Thomas Jefferson


“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more of it I have”


So always be engaging in process and you will find yourself a very lucky person 🙂


Have a great day,








The Truth About Passive Income

The Truth About Passive Income

So last month I posted our earnings report on Facebook with the intention to inspire and show people what is possible when you set up and leverage business systems on the internet to help create online passive/automated income streams.


While most feedback was positive I did receive some hate from a person who accused me of mis-using the terms automated and passive income. The truth is that we did earn over $400,000 in 12 months on a largely automated basis, meaning we were not (in the literal sense) trading our hours of time for money.


For example,

  • In June 2015 we travelled to Bali and earned over $86k whilst on vacation
  • In October we travelled for 6 weeks around United States and earned $63k
  • In Mexico while sipping cocktails on the beach of we arrived back at our hotel room to find out we earned $25k in one single afternoon
  • On Christmas day 3 weeks ago we woke up to another $20k in sales


Here’s the thing, these earnings were not 100% automated!




The truth is there is no income that is truly automated or passive, it still takes hard work (time, energy and effort) to set up. Which is why we get to live the lifestyle we live (and you can too!)


Watch my video below to see what I mean..



Behind the scenes we work our asses off daily to set up online systems to automate our sales processes meaning, while we don’t get paid for the work immediately, we position ourselves to get paid in the future.


In marketing, we use the term passive income to indicate the separation of the notions of time and money.


Most people believe time = money, and this is what keeps them feeling stuck. I’m here to disprove that theory, so that you too can live a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom.


I hope you enjoy my video explaining the truth about passive income.


Keeping Your Passions Alive


The Secret Ingredient To Financial Freedom

The Secret Ingredient To Financial Freedom

Call it what you want… financial freedom, time freedom, emotional freedom… it’s something everybody strives for…


That is exactly why most of us plan to work our backsides of for the next 20-30 years so we can finally have enough money to kick back, retire and sip on exotic cocktails on a beach somewhere underneath a coconut tree (well that was my original plan anyway).


So how is it that some of us manage to create wealth and financial freedom at such an accelerated rate?


I’m talking about earning enough passive income to retire within the next 12 to 36 months as opposed to the traditional 20-30 years!


That’s exactly what I want to talk to you about in today’s video.



The truth is those who have reached a good level of financial freedom have one secret weapon (what I like to call the entrepreneurs secret sauce)…


PS. The trick is learning how to work smarter… not harder!


(Simply watch this video and I’ll explain further)


Hope you enjoy the video and have a lovely weekend ahead 🙂


Keeping Your Passion Alive









The Difference Between Taking Risks and Being Risky

The Difference Between Taking Risks and Being Risky

Do you see yourself as one to take risks or one whose being risky?



To first be clear, taking ‘risks’ and being ‘risky’ are immensely different in meaning. If you want to become successful and achieve financial freedom in your life, it is absolutely essential to understand what makes them so different.




Merrilee in her job in 2013

When I was working my 9 to 5 corporate job in Marketing early of 2013, I had always thought I had it pretty good.



I was working in a job that not only aligned with my university degree of which I was generally interested in (or at least I thought I was) but I also thought at the time I was working in a job that was ‘safe’, at least safe enough for me financially.



Had I only known that what I was doing was in fact risky and not safe at all, boy would I have taken a different approach to my life!



To me, working for a boss and relying on a pay check every month was in fact a very risky approach. I had continued doing something that hurt me both personally and financially.




Hollywood Hills, CA

It hurt me personally in sense that I wasn’t fulfilled in what I doing nor did it help me reach my goals in life. It also hurt me financially in sense that I was living from pay check to pay check just to get by which in result made it difficult for me to build a solid plan towards my financial future.




It was safe to say that I lost a sense of who I was or what I wanted during this time of my life. It became a massive roadblock that had hindered me from becoming successful and achieving my true goals.



During this low point, I started to realize what was holding me back, which in essence differentiates those who are successful and those who aren’t. Those who are successful have the ability to take risks, most specifically ‘calculated risks’ without being risky.




Merrilee with the Six Figure Mentors community in Mexico

They take risks by learning or doing something new which opens up new possibilities and opportunities for them to grow personally, emotionally and financially. They take risks by walking away from security and a conventional career path to find other means of creating an income other than answering to a boss.



After this realization I had, I started to understand that what was holding me back was myself. I chose to live a risky life by continuously doing the exact same thing every single day, even if I knew it had hurt me personally or financially.



I had been working in a job that didn’t challenge nor fulfill me, yet I did nothing about it. I did nothing about it because I thought it was safe, safe enough to give me security for my future. However, surprisingly enough, working for a ‘safe job’ had eventually led me back to square one.



I was made redundant after two years.



1919066_1663634163911953_2936890990318396650_nThat experience made me realize that I had been taking a risky path all a long and I was in fact not even close to reaching my goals let alone building my financial future. I had to really shift my mindset from what I thought was safe to what is actually risky and start taking the necessary risks towards achieving my goals, even if it scared the living hell out of me!



It’s suffice to say I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t take those ‘risks’.



I’m happy to say I haven’t been back working for a job or answering to a boss for almost 2 years now and have been successfully running a lifestyle business with three other driven entrepreneurs.




The Lifestyle Team with our mentors, Jay Kubassek

You see, this wouldn’t happen if I didn’t change what I was doing. Sometimes continuing on with what your doing is risky for your financial health, especially if what you’re doing isn’t working towards your end goal. You must learn to take smart risks if you want to get somewhere in your life. As the old saying goes..



‘Life is all about taking risks. If you never take a risk, you will never achieve your dreams’



So start today and start small by taking small risks.  You can either invest time or money! Choose the one you have the most of and get started today! At the end of the day, you’re lifestyle matters too.



To your success and happiness,

Merrilee – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design








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