Lessons Learned From Bestselling Author Robert Kiyosaki

Lessons Learned From Bestselling Author Robert Kiyosaki

Are you familiar with bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki?


If not, I suggest you start off by pick up a copy of his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’


After reading this book my mindset changed forever and I started taking the actions that has given me freedom to this present day.


IMG_1907Financial Freedom
to write my own pay cheque for life.


Time Freedom to do what I want when I want.


Freedom to never have to answer to a boss again!


After all isn’t freedom something that we are all chasing?


Well this past weekend I had the pleasure of being able to attend a live event held by the man himself.


So I shot a video about my experience of the event.



Here are some of my key takeaways:


  1. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and the sad truth is that many will never make it. The bigger your fighting Spirit the better your chances.
  2. Building a successful business is a team sport. Don’t be a jack of all trades and hire professionals who can do the job better than you.


FOCUS! Follow One Course Until Successful.. Too many people jump from opportunity to opportunity without giving it a red hot crack!


You get punished in school for failing, but in real life failing is all apart of the process. The more you fail and learn from your mistakes, the more you will succeed.


Australia has the best coffee in the world 🙂 (According to Robert & Kim Kiyosaki). Starbucks will never take off down under.



There are 101 other takeaways but you can watch the video I shot after attending the event.


And If you ever get the chance to see him live make sure you do so!


Its an experience of a lifetime 🙂


Keep fighting for your freedom!


Have a great day

Chris – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design





Becoming Wealthy vs Staying Average

Becoming Wealthy vs Staying Average

There is a difference between how rich people and average people choose to get paid.


Average people choose to get paid based on time — on a steady salary or hourly rate — while rich people generally own their own businesses, work on commission, or choose stock options and profit sharing over higher salaries.


As a former accountant, I was living an average life…



I was choosing to get paid based on time. What is even worse is that my employer was charging me out 10 times more than I was actually getting paid (i.e I was getting paid $25/hr while my company charged me out at $250/hr).


Despite the long hours, I couldn’t choose how much I was worth to the company. I mean I couldn’t just determine how much I’d like to be paid each month?


13728534_1755313334744035_1739587940_oThe lesson I learned from working my 9 to 5 was that if you work for money, you give the power to your employer. If money works for you, you keep the power and control it.


Working for money is the easier path — it’s what we’re taught in school (how to write a résumé, get a job, and work hard).


Having your money work for you — by starting an internet based business, being your own boss, and investing in yourself — requires calculated risk and a level of comfort with uncertainty.


The good news is that you can greatly reduce this risk by following a proven step-by-step blueprint. That is exactly what I did two years ago when I chose to join The Six Figure Mentors.


13483012_1730568743847772_8130291690387183894_oThey give you all the training, tools and even products to sell (if you don’t have any of your own products) required to create a very successful internet based business that get’s money working for you!


No previous online experience is required… the only requirement is a positive attitude and the desire for something more.


So, if your interested in learning how to make money work for you rather than being forever controlled by your employer then I highly recommend you submit an application to the SFM today by clicking this link.


Because being average is boring (like being an accountant!)


Stay true to yourself



The Real LAW Of Wealth

The Real LAW Of Wealth

Below is a video I shot explaining how you can attract more wealth into your life.


Maybe you have heard the concept Law Of Attraction (LOA), it’s a philosophy that states you become what you think and that your conscious and unconscious thoughts make your reality.


The LOA contends that if you know exactly what you want , ask the universe for it, see it coming, then you will eventually receive it.


Think riches and you will receive riches!


Sounds easy, huh?


While the LOA visualisation is critical, it ignores the real secret behind wealth.


The Law Of Effection..



The Law Of Effection states the more lives you affect, the richer you will become. (Grammarians, I can hear you screaming. Relax. I know the difference between “affect” and “effect”. I’m using “effection” as a noun meaning “creation; a doing.”)


In other words, how many lives have you touched? What value are you to society?


As a truck driver my value was $33 an hour or $70,000 a year.


Running an online business that reaches thousands of people around the world means that I have a bigger impact, therefore I attract more wealth than my days as an employee driving trucks.


Attracting more wealth requires more than just visualisation. Simply make a bigger impact in this world and you will be rewarded with more wealth.


It works 100% of the time.


Go out there and make a difference 🙂


Have a great day!


How The Successful People Think Differently

How The Successful People Think Differently

How do successful people think?


Success comes from our mind! We as people have been operating on less than 10% of our mental capacity. The exploration of human potential has discovered that we have been using only a small part/fraction of our brain.



Neurological research has shown that the human brain has enormous capacity which points out to be infinite!



If we pushed up our brain capacity up to 50% we could learn up to 40 languages, memorize the Soviet Encyclopedia and even complete dozens of courses.



Our lives revolve around solving problems, such as getting a promotion, more time with your children, buying a new house, going on more holidays, pleasing your loved ones and family, having more money, helping more people…



We all have goals we want to achieve,that’s life, but what we don’t realize is that successful people are not people without problems.. They are simply people who’ve learned to solve their problems.



Your mind is an undiscovered gold mine! Imagine if you could increases your brain capacity by just 10% more? What will this do for you and your family? The question is how can you increase this percentage?




Whether your 16 or 70 it doesn’t make a difference. Your goal is in the future and your problem is to solve the gap between now and the point you wish to reach.



Things people worry about :

40% -things that never happen
30% -things that are in the past and can’t be changed
12% -needless health worries
10% -petty miscellaneous worries
8% -real, legitimate worries


92% of our worries are absolutely unnecessary.



What makes humans unique is our minds, everything else can be found in a pig or a horse.The human mind is the only thing that separates us from everything else in the world.



With 4000 free hours a year, I have changed my mental capacity by not learning 40 new languages but by immersing my mind into learning the ins and outs of the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) which has changed my life completely.



I am now leading a purposeful and creative life, now it’s your time to shine!



Your mind is one of the most powerful miracles that could have ever been given to you, so lets start using it to create a better life that you deserve.


Speak soon,
Sandrine – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design






The Truth About Passive Income

The Truth About Passive Income

So last month I posted our earnings report on Facebook with the intention to inspire and show people what is possible when you set up and leverage business systems on the internet to help create online passive/automated income streams.


While most feedback was positive I did receive some hate from a person who accused me of mis-using the terms automated and passive income. The truth is that we did earn over $400,000 in 12 months on a largely automated basis, meaning we were not (in the literal sense) trading our hours of time for money.


For example,

  • In June 2015 we travelled to Bali and earned over $86k whilst on vacation
  • In October we travelled for 6 weeks around United States and earned $63k
  • In Mexico while sipping cocktails on the beach of we arrived back at our hotel room to find out we earned $25k in one single afternoon
  • On Christmas day 3 weeks ago we woke up to another $20k in sales


Here’s the thing, these earnings were not 100% automated!




The truth is there is no income that is truly automated or passive, it still takes hard work (time, energy and effort) to set up. Which is why we get to live the lifestyle we live (and you can too!)


Watch my video below to see what I mean..



Behind the scenes we work our asses off daily to set up online systems to automate our sales processes meaning, while we don’t get paid for the work immediately, we position ourselves to get paid in the future.


In marketing, we use the term passive income to indicate the separation of the notions of time and money.


Most people believe time = money, and this is what keeps them feeling stuck. I’m here to disprove that theory, so that you too can live a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom.


I hope you enjoy my video explaining the truth about passive income.


Keeping Your Passions Alive


2 Key Principles To Human Motivation

2 Key Principles To Human Motivation

Human motivation… that’s the secret!


Why do people buy? What motivates people to take more action? How do you make more sales?


It’s all about understanding human motivation. Unfortunately many people make money online because they understand that customers by on emotion, and hence they can use a form of manipulation marketing that entices an individual to take action on misinformation… it’s sad to see, but it just flat out works.


But how do make a sustainable income online? How do you a build a business that stands the test of time? That’s what today’s email is about… The 2 Key Principles To Human Motivation.

Today I wanted to share with you some crucial insights human motivation that I picked up while masterminding with the Digital Experts Academy Black members last month in Tulum, Mexico…

Understanding these principles will help you succeed in the long term… GUARANTEED.

Enjoy the video below, and let me know your thoughts 🙂


Have a lovely weekend… we will be attending the Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day tomorrow in Melbourne, Australia and are super excited to meet some of the awesome members of our community!

If you’re interested in joining our incredible community —> watch this video here.

To your success and happiness









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