Have you found out what your why is in life yet?



For me personally, I never discovered what my why was until a year and a half ago.



I used to live my life focusing on WHAT I had to do, the countless of tasks and responsibilities that kept mounting up on my plate and HOW I was going to keep up with everything.



Boy has my life changed drastically from that day..



I started to realise that life gets so much easier when I stop focusing on the WHAT and HOW but rather ask myself WHY I do what I do.



I live my life today based on my WHY, it’s what I think about every single day because it’s my WHY that fuels my passion and my motivation for life.



If you’re in a place in your life where you’re lacking motivation, it’s either because you’re losing site of why you do what you do or it’s because your why is simply not strong enough.



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.51.41If there is one thing I’ve learnt this past year, your why is the single most important factor that will play a huge role in achieving success in your life.




Your WHY is so important that no matter how many setbacks or road blocks you encounter in your life; it is the fuel that continually propels you forward.



After a year and half of soul searching, personal development and continued growth, I finally discovered my WHY.



Let me tell you what they are..




My why is my family, my number one supporters, who sacrificed so much to fly me overseas 6 years ago so that I could find my feet and explore my true passions. All I want to do is give back and make them proud.





My why is being my own boss, having the ability to choose my own hours, control my own income and pursue my own passions so that I could live a life based on fulfilment and meaning.




Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.46.44 AM


My why is to travel, to experience different cultures and seek new adventures so that I could create a lifetime of unforgettable memories.






My why is my dream home, on the edge of a cliff where I wake up to stunning panoramic ocean views that leaves me breathless every time.





And lastly..



My why is to make people discover their own inner potential so that they can unleash that potential fearlessly into the world.



These whys I have are what I visualise every single day.



It is what makes me get out of bed each morning. It is what motivates me to keep chasing my dreams and moving forward even at times of difficulties and setbacks.



It is the fuel that keeps propelling me forward regardless of whatever circumstances come my way.



You see, when your WHY is strong enough, you’ll start to discover WHAT you need to do and HOW you’re going to get to where you truly want to be.



And when you’re in the process of doing this, you will discover so much more about yourself.




You’ll start to exceed your expectations, defying all your assumptions of what you thought was possible.





You’ll start to become resilient, challenging yourself, pushing your limits and doing things that you thought was once impossible.



You’ll start to grow, living life outside of your comfort zone and working towards becoming the best version of yourself.




It is the journey of living out your WHY where you will start to truly discover who you are and the purpose behind everything that you do.



So let me ask you this..



What is your WHY? What is it that makes you come alive?



If you’re not sure what your why is yet..that’s okay. You will have an opportunity to discover that.



But I want to challenge you today to start reflecting on your life and discover what it is that you love and what’s important to you.




Everyone has something that they love doing, whether that be spending time with friends and family, doing a particular hobby, your job, or traveling.



Whatever it is that you love doing, it’s important to keep it in mind constantly and use that as fuel to keep you motivated and moving forward.



Once you discover what’s truly important to you, the reason that gets you out of bed each and every day, you will start to discover your WHY, your purpose behind everything that you do.



And it is through discovering this WHY that your HOW and WHAT will start to reveal itself.



I hope you found this article helpful and that it inspires you to take action, live out your WHY and follow your dreams.


Merrilee – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design








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