How do successful people think?


Success comes from our mind! We as people have been operating on less than 10% of our mental capacity. The exploration of human potential has discovered that we have been using only a small part/fraction of our brain.



Neurological research has shown that the human brain has enormous capacity which points out to be infinite!



If we pushed up our brain capacity up to 50% we could learn up to 40 languages, memorize the Soviet Encyclopedia and even complete dozens of courses.



Our lives revolve around solving problems, such as getting a promotion, more time with your children, buying a new house, going on more holidays, pleasing your loved ones and family, having more money, helping more people…



We all have goals we want to achieve,that’s life, but what we don’t realize is that successful people are not people without problems.. They are simply people who’ve learned to solve their problems.



Your mind is an undiscovered gold mine! Imagine if you could increases your brain capacity by just 10% more? What will this do for you and your family? The question is how can you increase this percentage?




Whether your 16 or 70 it doesn’t make a difference. Your goal is in the future and your problem is to solve the gap between now and the point you wish to reach.



Things people worry about :

40% -things that never happen
30% -things that are in the past and can’t be changed
12% -needless health worries
10% -petty miscellaneous worries
8% -real, legitimate worries


92% of our worries are absolutely unnecessary.



What makes humans unique is our minds, everything else can be found in a pig or a horse.The human mind is the only thing that separates us from everything else in the world.



With 4000 free hours a year, I have changed my mental capacity by not learning 40 new languages but by immersing my mind into learning the ins and outs of the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) which has changed my life completely.



I am now leading a purposeful and creative life, now it’s your time to shine!



Your mind is one of the most powerful miracles that could have ever been given to you, so lets start using it to create a better life that you deserve.


Speak soon,
Sandrine – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design






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Sandrine Hecq

Former Child Care Worker Now Lives Life On Her Own Terms

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