Most people, including myself at one point, believed that achieving a high level of success was only meant for people with ‘special or extraordinary talents’.


I used to always believe that high level entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would only be capable of achieving extraordinary results.


Yet, as I made my way passed my young adulthood years, I started to question all of this due to the rapid growth of the digital economy.


It’s safe to say that we all live in an information age where opportunities are widely available for people to break away from the traditional 9 to 5 job to pursue working for themselves.


You see, the rise of entrepreneurship has grown tremendously over the past few years and I couldn’t help but notice the major impact they are making on many industries to this day.


With entrepreneurship becoming more common in today’s society, I started to gather my thoughts on what those defining factors were that enables today’s entrepreneurs to achieve such a high level of success, of which people back in the pre digital age would find quite difficult if not impossible to achieve.


Having left my job 2 years ago to pursue a lifestyle business with three other entrepreneurs, I for one truly believe that anyone has the capability to work for themselves and achieve a similar level of success as we are prime examples of achieving it ourselves.



So today I thought I’d share with you reasons why success in today’s digital age is more possible to achieve and why overcoming the barriers to starting a business have never been easier.


1. Cost Effective Marketing


As we all know, Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. With the use of technology and the world wide web in today’s digital age, getting exposure and marketing for your business is much cheaper and easier to attain.


Let’s take a step backwards for a minute..


Before the world wide web ever existed, many entrepreneurs and companies would rely solely on expensive platforms such as Television, Radio and Newspapers to get their advertising messages across. As you would know, these platforms required top dollars so only high profiled corporations and individuals would utilise these platforms for their marketing efforts leaving small business owners struggling to get their foot into the door.


Luckily, in today’s information age, the world wide web is rapidly changing the game of how marketing is done.


Many entrepreneurs are now leveraging the internet to get their messages across to the right market.


Online social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are quickly becoming the primary choices for marketing for many businesses and entrepreneurs.



The Lifestyle Team in Palawan, Philippines

Not only do I believe these platforms are extremely powerful in terms of engaging with your customers and getting the right messages across to a more targeted audience, but they are high performing and extremely cost effective which has widely contributed to the success of many individuals and businesses to this date, including ourselves.


Personally in our online business, we would have never been able to achieve a 6 figure income in just over a year if we didn’t master the art of marketing online through Youtube and Facebook.


These platforms personally worked like gang busters for us. This is why I believe anyone can achieve success in their business as long as they have the patience and determination to learn how to maximize these platforms for their marketing efforts.


2. Unlimited access to knowledge


stock-3-1Gone are those days where access to information was limited. Due to this beautiful thing we call the Internet, information on literally anything can be accessed within seconds!


This has provided so many more opportunities for people to venture out and learn new skill sets. People can now access critical information on video clips, webinars, podcasts and interview recordings.


13384880_10154100172180295_357318873_nPersonally, I have learnt so much and attained many new skill sets such as website building,implementing new marketing strategies and editing quality videos simply by looking for this information online. As a result, it has given me the opportunity to take our business to the next level which has given us the chance to really stay on track on the road to success without making mistakes that could have been easily avoided.


3. Never stop adapting to new technology!


Those businesses who aren’t keeping up with technology and industry trends are bound to fall behind.


You need to understand that in order to set yourself up for success, you need to set up systems and run your business as efficiently as possible, and this can all be done by utilising and keeping up with today’s technology.



The Lifestyle Team w/ our business mentor Jay Kubassek

A big reason why we have experienced tremendous results in our online business is because our business runs on autopilot. We have set up systems online such as sales funnels, lead generation tactics and autoresponders which in return has allowed us to run our business as efficiently and smoothly as possible without having to physically be in the office 24/7 of the day.


In addition, having this time freedom allows us to focus our efforts on finding more ways to take our business to the next level and maximizing our results which ultimately enables us to achieve our goals faster.


One’s success really depends on how you make use of today’s technology in your business so that the business works for you and not vice versa.



It’s suffice to say that we are surrounded by so many opportunities to do something bigger and be someone greater than we ever anticipated we could ever be.


Overcoming barriers when starting a business has never been easier as we now have all the resources and tools today to make something happen for ourselves.

I know this because having left my job to embark on my entrepreneurial journey two years ago, I have truly learnt the importance of having to adapt to change and keeping up with the digital economy in order to achieve long term success.


We all have big aspirations and dreams in life and in today’s economy, anything is now possible. If there was one thing you could take away from this article, it is to start taking action.


Take action towards whatever it is you want to achieve and use the resources we have today to help lead you to success.


Until next time,

Merrilee – Co Founder of Lifestyle By My Own Design






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