stamp_free-300x227Just a quick blog post today to outline an offer we are making for today and tomorrow as our gift to you as we are celebrating another smashing $72,100+ month with The Six Figure Mentors!


Firstly, if you have already purchased an application to join The Six Figure Mentors, then this may not interest you. If you have already joined The SFM, then it definitely won’t interest you.


But if you haven’t joined up yet, and it’s something you’ve been considering, you are NOT going to want to miss this offer.


The following people have taken advantage of our offer:

  1. R Higgins
  2. D Davidson
  3. I Edwards
  4. S Vidovik
  5. S Effron

Well done guys for stepping up and taking action!


If you want to apply to join The SFM for FREE then you need to take action NOW.


The Offer…


Between NOW and midnight (GMT) Monday 4th July, we are going to be paying back the GENERAL application cost to the next 10 people who sign up!


This means you can purchase the GENERAL application for $29.95
and get your money back in full!

So if you want to check out The SFM for free, all you need to do is click the button below, purchase the GENERAL application, fully complete the questionnaire and then let us know you’ve done it.


We will then refund the cost back to you. We can’t see any fairer than this!


By submitting your application you will get over 6 hours of training by Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, co-founders of The SFM / The DEA. We’ve watched the training ourselves and it’s truly awesome.


The videos will explain fully what this opportunity is all about and how it can help you to earn money online within weeks!



  1. You need to fill the questionnaire after purchasing your application
  2. You need to watch the training videos in the back office
  3. You need to book and complete a free consultation call with one of our business assistants
  4. The gift will be awarded after 30 days to ensure you don’t abuse the 30 day refund policy
  5. You need to email us your pay pal details with the subject line ‘may offer’ after the 30 day point  to claim your gift, we won’t chase you

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.36.46 pm

 To your success,
Merrilee, Gerard, Chris & Sandrine – The Lifestyle Team
Founders of
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