When I first heard the idea of being able to travel while making money from my partner Gerard, I thought he was nuts. I always thought people were just selling this idea of living a ‘laptop lifestyle’ but never thought to myself one could ever achieve at it.


You can say I was a bit of a skeptic when my partner Gerard and his brother, Chris first started their online business..I never really believed it was truly possible off the bat. But during this time, I was slaving hours away making just a fraction of what I thought I was truly worth and I thought to myself there must be a better way out. Until I got made redundant..


During this time, I was fed up of constantly trading excessive time for money so I started to listen to what Gerard had to say and I did my own research as well. But I wasn’t sold on it fully UNTIL I finally realized the true essence of what a lifestyle business is and how one can actually achieve their own lifestyle business.


It was in this moment, where it all made sense to me. This idea of leveraging off other people’s high priced informational products on the internet which is open 24/7 of the time, and of which had no boundaries in terms of who you could market to in exchange for a good commission, I found it brilliant.


It was at this time I was hooked. This was when I started to overcome these myths I had about online marketing. So today I want to share with you these common myths that held me back at the beginning because once I overcame them, I was then able to join Gerard in building our dream business and dream life.


Myth 1: This idea of you will make money ‘quickly’


One of the most dangerous myths is that you can build an online business and make money quickly. You need to realize that this lifestyle takes time to build.


There are so much competition out there so it takes time to stand out from the crowd and build a solid foundation. You only get what you put into this. If you hustle, you can build it quicker, but at the end of the day, it does still take time like with any legit business.


Myth 2: Become An Expert


At first I thought to myself, ‘well I am no expert in this because I’ve never had prior experience in ever building a business online and if I’m lucky, I’ll be an expert in a few years time’.


Firstly let’s just say this.. people connect with people, not “experts.” If they don’t like nor respect you as a person, it doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished.


You become a real expert when you add value to your audience, when you continue to learn as you build your business and when you build a loyal following where they continuously connect with your message. That to my eyes makes a true expert.


Myth 3: Copying other successful entrepreneurs work


Just because a strategy or a way of running an online business worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work out for you. It’s very unlikely you can duplicate someone else’s success just by copying them. Your goal should be to model success and proven systems. Not to copy them.


At the end of the day, people buy from someone they know, like, and trust. That happens when people connect with you and that connection doesn’t happen when you’re copying someone else. My advice is to be you and be original. What makes you who you are is what is going to help you and your business stand out from the rest of the hungry pack. So embrace your authenticity!


11703317_10153388001510295_444991970664607568_nOnce I was able to overcome these three myths I had and see what was actually the truth behind online marketing, I was able to embark on this journey with Gerard and Chris.  And it’s funny how a year ago, I thought that being able to travel while still making money was too good to be true, but now it’s a reality for us and it all started with having sheer self belief and overcoming these common myths I had.


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I hope you found value in this article.


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