Today I wanted to share a quick story about my mum.


I shot a video you can watch here:



My brother Chris and I recently agreed to invest into her struggling restaurant business in the Philippines.


She has dreams of growing it into a franchise and becoming one of the best and well-known chicken bbq grills to hit the market.


Here’s the thing,


I’ve seen the restaurant… it has great food and great staff but what is severely lacks is a quality LOCATION…


First of all it has hardly any parking.


Secondly it’s hidden around a corner and tough to find.


Thirdly it has way too much competition in the surrounding and her brand is not well known yet.


As an entrepreneur and investor, I had to point out that I couldn’t see how she was going to succeed.


It was tough to break her dreams, but we invested anyway. Why?


Pure love and affection, she has done so much for us I felt it was time for us to return the favour.


I let her know that although I can’t see how it was going to succeed, I encouraged her to PROVE ME WRONG!


I told her I don’t expect any return on my investment, but there would be nothing more to make me happy than her to prove me wrong and create amazing success.


It’s funny how when back in 2014, when Chris and I quit our jobs to start our online business without any results or zero previous online business experience, she use to say the exact same thing to us, “Prove me wrong”.


The moral of the story is that success isn’t easy, it’s tough!


90% of business start-ups fail within there first 3 years so the odds are always going to be against you.


The facts don’t lie but here’s the catch…


When you want something bad enough, the facts don’t matter!!!


Sometimes self-belief is all you need to turn your BIG dreams into reality.


So, ignore the naysayers, disregard the facts… and just go for it!


Be Bold, Take Action & Make it Happen,



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