Starting up an online business has many advantages as well as concerns for those who aren’t sure on whether to take their business online or even start up an online business from scratch.

In this video I will be addressing the most common concerns as well as the advantages of starting an online business.

This should open your mind to what is actually happening in this present online/internet boom and clarify whether this is the way to go.

I hope you enjoy this very authentic video based on statistics as well as my own online experience.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂



Overview on what will be addressed in this video



1.Do I need lots of time and money?
2.What if I have no idea on how to use technology?
3.Can you really make a lot of money online?


1. No more chasing customers or cold calling

2. (Target your market)- Targeting the correct people by key words etc

3. Automation

4. No geographical constraints

5. Low overheads

6. Make money faster

7.Time Freedom

8. Location Independence

9. Reduced risks

10.Take your business to another level (Scalability)


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Sandrine Hecq

Former Child Care Worker Now Lives Life On Her Own Terms

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