We recently got back from the most energizing and life changing trip in the US/Mexico.



Whilst being overseas, Gerard, Chris and myself all participated in a four day, all expenses paid, all inclusive R18 luxury resort all organized and hosted by the Digital Experts Academy.



Gerard, Chris and Merrilee soaking up the sun in Tulum, Mexico

And I must say..it was the highlight of my trip. Not just because it was an all expenses paid trip in a beautiful luxury resort in Tulum, Mexico, but because of the relationships we were able to build and the amount of empowering conversations we were privileged to have with like-minded entrepreneurs within the SFM/DEA community.



You see..being in events like these are absolutely life-changing for us.



Not only are we in the presence of our very own role models, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, who both (might I add) equally played a big role in helping us transform our lives..but because we got to hang out and meet people who are doing what they want to do and living their dreams too!



It made me realize how important it is to surround yourself with people who inspire you.




DEA Black Retreat with Stuart and Jay along with the SFM community

These people within the community were such huge inspirations to us. For them, work is not a means for making a living but simply a way of life. These people thrive off the impossible and will do whatever they can to make their dreams come to life. It’s these people that inspire us to grow and to challenge ourselves further.




So I shot a quick video about my experience whilst I was there that I would love to share with you today..





Experiences, accomplishments and success don’t mean much of anything if you’re alone at home with no one to celebrate. They are also much less likely to happen.



For the most part it’s the people – either the ones you know or the ones you meet that play a huge role in changing your course of action and believing that anything is possible.



What these guys are doing within the SFM/DEA program is literally changing the world. If you don’t currently have a resource full of passionate inspiring people, then being involved within SFM community is one way to start creating it today.


To your success and happiness,








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Merrilee Watson

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