Wanna know what the best business plan is?


It isn’t the plan itself…It’s all about execution…


The best business plan in the world will always be a track record of execution.


Below I shot a video about the importance of having a successful track record of execution, which is much more important than the business plan itself.




When Gerard and I partnered together we created a business plan, but no-one was even interested looking at it because we were unseasoned: We had no money, no track record, no races entered, no finishes, and no races won.


However as our business grew, something miraculous happened. The more success we had the more people would approach us to see whether they could have the same kind of business plan to success.



As we enter new business opportunities, potential investors will overlook the business plan to see whether we have a good track record executing previous plans.



Although you can give someone the perfect business plan on paper, it all comes down to the execution. Some people succeed and some people don’t.


Be the person who takes the action, does the work, executes the plan and turns their dreams into reality.


More and more opportunities will come your way 🙂


Have a great day!








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Christopher Hall

Former Fly-In Fly Out Worker Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle

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