Today I wanted to share a piece of my puzzle.


I have been asked to explain how my life has changed since I signed up to my online journey.


I have truthfully answered it in a small one minute video which shares the rewards and memories that I have been able to create.


At the age of 19, I flew over to Australia from South Africa and had only myself to rely on.


I quickly found 5 part time jobs and then decided to study so that I could stay longer in Australia.


I later found it difficult because I had to answer to a boss, my opinions didn’t matter, I didn’t get along with everyone at work, I was stuck in traffic for an hour, never got time off to visit my family and friends and I hated that silly alarm clock going off 7days a week, playing the most annoying song to wake up to.


Thank goodness I’m not stuck in a life like that anymore!


I have been blessed to have found an education which has changed my life for the better.


I didn’t have to struggle finding a job, uplift myself nor rely on other people. I have been able to control my business and take it into any direction I want.


I am also able get the support I need from people who have the same mindset and goals as I have, people that actually care.


This is just a small example of how rewarding our online business is.


Hope you enjoy the video 🙂



Speak soon,







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Sandrine Hecq

Former Child Care Worker Now Lives Life On Her Own Terms

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