Hey , it’s Merrilee here 🙂


Earlier this morning, I was listening to a podcast talking about ‘comfort zones’.


I chuckled a little bit because I was reflecting on how I used to live my life based on what was comfortable to me and how I allowed it to control my life..


Listening to this got me thinking how ridiculous this concept of our comfort zone is.


The reason why I say that is because it is a concept that really shouldn’t matter to us.


Yet we, as people are naturally interested on this idea of being comfortable and being in constant ease that anything outside of our comfort zone is classified as scary and one we shouldn’t consider pursuing at all..


I am guilty of this as I used to always have my comfort zone dictate most of my decisions in life..


But the truth is, and one that I had come to realise over the past two years is that..


..if you have a mission or dream in life, something that is truly important to you, whether it’s a passion you’ve always wanted to pursue, a love in your life, a cause you strongly believe in, your comfort zone should NOT matter nor even be considered at all…


When you find something that is truly important to you, you stop allowing your comfort zone to take over and start asking yourself, what do I need to do to fulfil that dream or mission, regardless of what is comfortable to me?


The funny thing is..people tend to say that we should focus on our strengths in life, find out what we are naturally good at and use that to our advantage by pursuing it as our life’s mission.


I don’t think that’s the case.


How else is anyone going to build on new skill sets and for growth to take place if they are only focusing on what they are naturally good at?


We, The Lifestyle Team, did not achieve the level of success we have to this date in our online business because we were naturally good in online marketing, nor was it because we had charisma or the experience being great in videos and producing content.


We truthfully had none of these skill sets when we first started, we were beginners just like everyone else trying to get our foot in the door.


The funny thing was, I used to be extremely shy and introverted and had no idea how to talk in front of camera, let alone on stage to a group of people!


Public speaking was actually one of my biggest fears in life.


But what had led us, as a team, to ultimately succeed in this business was our bigger vision for ourselves.

We envisioned ourselves being our own bosses at the age of 20+, having the freedom to pursue things such as travel, adventure, living life on the edge and helping people with a similar vision do the same.


It wasn’t our natural strengths that dictated our decision to pursue this vision..


It was the vision itself and using that to fuel our energy and drive to challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone at all times.


My point here is that, you should never let your so called ’strengths’ or weaknesses limit your belief in what you’re capable of doing.


Never let it dictate your decisions and pull you away from achieving your bigger visions in life.


If you have a message you want to share to the world but you’re not the greatest communicator, go out there and find your voice.. shoot videos, attend events, write blogs and surround yourself with people that inspire and challenge you.


It’s what personally helped me become fully self expressed from once being shy and fearful to speak up.


Ultimately, the whole aim in life is to figure out what you truly want to do, how do you want to contribute to this world and how you grow into that regardless of what you’re naturally good at and what’s comfortable or easy to you.


Once you realise that, you’ll realise that your comfort zone was nothing but a story we tell ourselves, a limitation on how we show up in life and an excuse for not listening to what our soul’s purpose was trying to express.


It is then when this realisation hits, that you start living your life by expressing the truest version of yourself 🙂


I’ll speak to you soon,


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Merrilee Watson

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