Below is a video I shot explaining how you can attract more wealth into your life.


Maybe you have heard the concept Law Of Attraction (LOA), it’s a philosophy that states you become what you think and that your conscious and unconscious thoughts make your reality.


The LOA contends that if you know exactly what you want , ask the universe for it, see it coming, then you will eventually receive it.


Think riches and you will receive riches!


Sounds easy, huh?


While the LOA visualisation is critical, it ignores the real secret behind wealth.


The Law Of Effection..



The Law Of Effection states the more lives you affect, the richer you will become. (Grammarians, I can hear you screaming. Relax. I know the difference between “affect” and “effect”. I’m using “effection” as a noun meaning “creation; a doing.”)


In other words, how many lives have you touched? What value are you to society?


As a truck driver my value was $33 an hour or $70,000 a year.


Running an online business that reaches thousands of people around the world means that I have a bigger impact, therefore I attract more wealth than my days as an employee driving trucks.


Attracting more wealth requires more than just visualisation. Simply make a bigger impact in this world and you will be rewarded with more wealth.


It works 100% of the time.


Go out there and make a difference 🙂


Have a great day!


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Christopher Hall

Former Fly-In Fly Out Worker Turned To The Internet For A Better Lifestyle

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