So last month I posted our earnings report on Facebook with the intention to inspire and show people what is possible when you set up and leverage business systems on the internet to help create online passive/automated income streams.


While most feedback was positive I did receive some hate from a person who accused me of mis-using the terms automated and passive income. The truth is that we did earn over $400,000 in 12 months on a largely automated basis, meaning we were not (in the literal sense) trading our hours of time for money.


For example,

  • In June 2015 we travelled to Bali and earned over $86k whilst on vacation
  • In October we travelled for 6 weeks around United States and earned $63k
  • In Mexico while sipping cocktails on the beach of we arrived back at our hotel room to find out we earned $25k in one single afternoon
  • On Christmas day 3 weeks ago we woke up to another $20k in sales


Here’s the thing, these earnings were not 100% automated!




The truth is there is no income that is truly automated or passive, it still takes hard work (time, energy and effort) to set up. Which is why we get to live the lifestyle we live (and you can too!)


Watch my video below to see what I mean..



Behind the scenes we work our asses off daily to set up online systems to automate our sales processes meaning, while we don’t get paid for the work immediately, we position ourselves to get paid in the future.


In marketing, we use the term passive income to indicate the separation of the notions of time and money.


Most people believe time = money, and this is what keeps them feeling stuck. I’m here to disprove that theory, so that you too can live a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom.


I hope you enjoy my video explaining the truth about passive income.


Keeping Your Passions Alive


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